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Dog Who Lost Faith In Humans Finally Meets Someone Who Showed Him What Love Feels Like

Dog Who Lost Faith In Humans Finally Meets Someone Who Showed Him What Love Feels Like

A dog’s life can be really hard sometimes. The greatest joy for these creatures is a warm home and a loving family, but not all dogs have the privilege to experience that. 

Instead, many are condemned to spend a large part of their lives in shelters, or worse, to experience the bitterness of abandonment. One poor Rottweiler persistently experienced both because his owners kept abandoning him and leaving him in shelters. 

This dog has justifiably lost faith that there will ever be someone who won’t betray him. However, at the last moment, he saw the light at the end of the tunnel. 

Journey To Trust

dog in a box
Source: The Dodo

Luke, the owner of The Farm for Dogs, met Freddo when he was six years old. This poor Rottweiler spent most of his life in shelters before he saw this great man. 

Freddo was in very bad condition, and his soul was wounded, which was no wonder considering how many times he had been betrayed by people. 

Unfortunately, this had very bad consequences on his behavior, which could best be seen in his aggressiveness toward other dogs. In addition, his trust was not easy to win.

a man feeding dogs
Source: The Farm

Yet Luke was determined to help this dog escape his misery and ensure his brighter future. 

“I had to show him that I wasn’t scared of him and I wasn’t going to run away from him like he had experienced previous humans in his life,” Luke told The Dodo

Although it was not easy at first, Freddo eventually realized that this man wanted to help him, so he began to trust him. This was a turning point in their relationship, and everything went smoother from that moment on. 

dog playing with his owner
Source: The Dodo

Through various exercises and training, Luke taught Freddo everything that makes a dog what it is. Finally, he saw that Freddo started to behave properly – that he trusts people and does not behave aggressively toward other dogs.

That’s when Luke realized that this Rottweiler’s soul had been completely healed and that he was a brand-new dog. 

man sitting with dog
Source: The Dodo

Unfortunately, still, no one expressed the desire to give Freddo a forever home, which made Luke very sad. However, this big-hearted man then decided to take matters into his own hands.

Perfect Family

That morning, Luke decided to surprise Freddo. He woke him up early, bathed him, and combed his fur well so that he would be ready for his special day

As he led him toward the gate of his house, the excitement grew more and more, and after only a few moments, there would be a culmination of happiness and joy.

kids hugging dog
Source: The Dodo

“As soon as we opened the gate, he got so excited,” Luke said. “It was all of my family and my kids waiting for him on the other side to let him know that he wasn’t going anywhere.”

Luke and his children fell in love with this Rottweiler so much that they decided to give him a forever home. In this honor, they even organized a celebration to which they invited all the family members as well as all the other dogs from the farm.

Freddo, who was over the moon because of these happy moments, then revealed his true colors – he showed that a good boy has always been hidden under the aggressive exterior

dog with kids
Source: The Dodo

It was the main reason he finally met his happy ending after everything he’d been through. His dad could not hide his delight or the emotions that overwhelmed him.

“We’re just very happy he’s been able to spend the last few years and hopefully another couple of years living his best life here at the farm, making up for lost time,” Luke happily concluded at the end. 

No matter how much time he spends with his new family, it is certain that these people will never betray him and cause him the pain he had to endure for so long.