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Lonely Dog Who Lived On The Street For Long Finally Learns What Love Feels Like

Lonely Dog Who Lived On The Street For Long Finally Learns What Love Feels Like

It was a very ordinary day when Lauren first found a stray dog alone on the street. Upon first approaching him, she realized something was wrong.

The pup was shivering the whole time. He was seriously terrified of everyone he met, and his new rescuer felt so bad for him.

She had no knowledge of how he became so fearful of other people, but it was likely that he was abused by strangers, which is horrifying.

Lauren decided that she was going to do her best to help him recover from his trauma and start his life again.

It Is Going To Take A While

dog shivering in human hands
Source: Youtube

As soon as Lauren transferred the dog, now named Archer, back to the rescue organization, they worked hard to help him. Even with their aid, the pup was still so afraid.

He wouldn’t even look at them, and it was hard to get him to eat anything. When they tried to take him for a walk with a lead on, he refused.

Lauren told The Dodo: “We don’t know what’s happened to him whilst he’s been by the side of the road.

dog in new home
Source: Youtube

She noted that it was not uncommon for people in that town to throw rocks at stray dogs. This was just depressing to hear.

How anyone could do something so horrible to an innocent dog is beyond me. Nevertheless, the pup was safe now, and his rescuers will do their best to help him see they only want to help.

Whenever Lauren would try to hold and cuddle Archer, he didn’t quite know how to react. He was quite uneasy at first.

Archer’s New Personality

dog in the car
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However, with time, Archer realized that he really enjoyed spending his time with his amazing rescuer.

This is when the big change happened in this dog’s attitude. When he finally realized that he was safe, he relaxed almost instantly.

Whenever they would go for walks, he was incredibly excited and loved spending time with his favorite people.

One of the activities that he really enjoyed, however, was lying in a bed with Lauren and just taking a long nap.

However, his journey was not over yet. His rescuers realized that he was now ready for the next phase in his life.

A New Chance Archer Needed

dog with bow
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They took him to a town so they could help him overcome his fear of bigger places. When they did that, Lauren said: “He was completely stiff again, like it was in the early days. He sat on my knee, and he watched the world go by.

However, despite his fear, it was not all hopeless. The very next time Archer was taken into the same town, his reaction was quite different.

While he was a bit uneasy, he was a lot more confident when walking down the streets, and Lauren was just so proud of him.

dog under the blossom of tree
Source: Youtube

After seven months in her care, he changed completely. He was a lot happier and more playful with each passing day.

Even though Lauren just loves him so much, she is also really excited at the prospect that he might finally find a forever home where he could enjoy his life with someone amazing.

She said: “In the shelter, there are so many other dogs who we’ve got to spread our time between, and he deserves to be the center of someone’s universe and have his own happy family.