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Adorable 2 Legged Pup Who Hops Like A Bunny Decided A Foster Parent To A Litter Of Puppies

Adorable 2 Legged Pup Who Hops Like A Bunny Decided A Foster Parent To A Litter Of Puppies

When Lou received a phone call about a baby Boxer who was born without legs and was looking for a family willing to take him in, she immediately dropped what she was doing and went to pick up the sweet boy.

Even though Mark, her husband, didn’t really realize where she was going, as soon as he had the puppy in his arms, he knew they had to give it everything they had to help this doggo grow into a strong and happy pup.

And, just like that, Nubby was a part of a loving family.

Meet Nubby

tiny puppy with two legs
Source: Facebook

The very first night spent with Nubby wasn’t really what the couple expected.

“Our first night with Nubby was horrible. We got up every hour. You know, we took turns. I had twins, I’m used to taking one shift,” Mark told The Dodo.

Unfortunately, Nubby wasn’t really doing too well. But, being rushed to the ICU at one point and making a full recovery, this determined boy showed everyone that he was a born fighter.

As soon as he was back home, Lou and Mark decided to do everything they could to make his stay as comfortable and fun as can be!

“We built a LEGO wheelchair. He just took off scooting across the floor,” he stated.

Nubby never allowed his disability to keep him back, so from the very beginning, he was a very active puppy. He jumped and crawled around wherever he could, showing everybody that he could have just as much fun as the rest of them!

Lou and Mark found themselves so inspired by his resilience that they did everything they could to strengthen his legs, turning exercise into a little fun adventure. Over time, Nubby learned how to stand up on his back legs and, eventually, jump!

“Nubby figured out that he could launch himself and jump. It’s as if he is not missing anything. He’s just like ‘This is how I do it. This is how I roll’,” the couple stated.

dog with wheels
Source: Facebook

His parents eventually got him a proper wheelchair, which he didn’t really like. They got him another one later, thinking that he would like it a little bit more, but Nubby just didn’t like how they felt.

However, with some positive reinforcement and a lot of fun after his wheelchair exercises, Nubby didn’t mind taking it for a stroll every once in a while.  

Here Comes The Litter

As time went on, Nubby grew up into the sweetest boy who was constantly surrounded by loving hoomans and adorable doggo siblings.

One of his furry companions was a pregnant mama dog whom Lou and Mark rescued off the streets and took into their loving home. And, when she gave birth to her six puppies, Nubby was the happiest pup in all of Texas!

two legged dog fostering puppies
Source: Youtube

Nubby loved spending time with the litter. Not only was he the best older sibling, bringing boundless fun to the little babies, but he was also incredibly caring, making sure that they were always safe and accounted for.

“It doesn’t matter how many legs he has, where he is at, he is just happy. Just because you have a limb difference, or just because you are different, period, doesn’t mean that you don’t have a quality of life, and he teaches that every single day. He doesn’t give up… He gives hope to a lot of people,” the couple concluded.

two legged dog enjoying the beach
Source: Facebook

I am sure that having the best doggo sibling ever, this adorable litter will grow into strong and happy pups in no time, allowing them to find their own families and live their best lives ever, just like Nubby is.

Good luck, guys!