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Dog Who Wouldn’t Stop Chasing A Butterfly Jumps Off A Rooftop But End Up Being Very Lucky

Dog Who Wouldn’t Stop Chasing A Butterfly Jumps Off A Rooftop But End Up Being Very Lucky

Who can stop a dog from chasing its adventures on its own time, am I right?

No matter how hard we try, it is sometimes impossible to control their restless, escape-artist spirits. They see something interesting – and they immediately jump into action! 

Sure, not all doggos have this issue, but even the calmest ones have their triggers activated from time to time.

In this case, one family would learn that the hard way when their dog found himself in quite a pickle. Just when it seemed that he was having a nice, cozy time up on their rooftop terrace, an incident happened. And, boi, it wasn’t a small one!

A Pawsitive Outcome

dog stuck on a wires
Source: Facebook

This energetic boi was enjoying a completely calm day when something extraordinary caught his attention.

No, it wasn’t an intruder climbing up on the terrace or some other dog displaying its hostility toward his beloved family members. It was (and you probably would have never guessed it) a teeny-tiny butterfly!

You’ve heard it right!

A butterfly!

The dog’s curiosity reached its peak once this flying little creature entered “his area”. And, the rest, as they say, is history!

dog on wires
Source: Facebook

The pup immediately accepted the challenge and rushed into action. During his little quest, he got so intrigued and entertained that he wasn’t even aware of his location anymore. 

At one moment, he was so involved in chasing that he accidentally jumped off the roof. It was a shocking moment that could’ve had serious consequences, but luckily, he didn’t fall! 

Instead, he got stuck in the wires of a nearby pole that saved him from facing a serious injury.

“He was so entertained that, without realizing it, he jumped and got stuck in the wires of a pole,” the Fire Department wrote on Facebook.

Reunited With His Family

fireman and a man holding dog
Source: Facebook

Even though the pole prevented the dog from having a fatal fall, the incident didn’t end there!

Now, he was stuck and unable to move, waiting and begging for someone kind enough to get him down. And, that’s when the giant-hearted hoomans took over! The local fire department immediately acted upon the call of terrified owners and arrived at the spot within minutes.

With their forces joined, they successfully took the dog off the wires and helped him reunite with his beloved family. Despite the initial shock, everyone who witnessed this situation was so relieved to see the dog on safe ground (and the dog was no exception)!

Thanks to this noble act of the Fire Department team, one more life was saved. 

“This incident reminds us of the importance of taking care of our pets,” the Department added in its Facebook post.

Sure, that day, the dog lost the battle against a butterfly (and gravity), but he also learned a valuable lesson – You never chase something unless you’re absolutely aware of where you are standing… no matter how fabulous or annoying a butterfly is!