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Loyal German Shepherd Was Worried About His 100-Year-Old Grandma And Went To Check On Her

Loyal German Shepherd Was Worried About His 100-Year-Old Grandma And Went To Check On Her

German Shepherds are probably some of the most loyal dog breeds in the world. As someone who had one, I can attest to this claim.

Aside from that, they are fiercely intelligent and are capable of sensing when their loved ones might need them.

In this story, we will talk about a German Shepherd who was worried about his 100-year-old grandma and decided to see if she was okay.

The Sweetest German Shepherd

german shepherd lying on the floor
Source: TikTok

Meet Bochy. He is a German Shepherd dog who was first rescued when his mom, Lauren, found him near a gas station in California.

He was only 8 weeks old at the time, but he has been with his new owner ever since. The family just can’t imagine their life without him. They just adore him so much.

Bochy was always very protective over his grandma and loved spending time with her anytime he could. The two have such an amazing bond.

She is 100 years old and couldn’t move much without help, but Bochy is always there for her anytime she needs anything. 

dog lying in bed next to grandma
Source: TikTok

He always felt safe next to her, especially when there was horrible weather outside. In that case, he would always run to her bed and lay there until it was over.

One night, he felt concerned for her, so he rushed to her room. This was unusual for him, as he would never leave his owner’s side unless he seriously felt he needed to.

Grandma was woken up by Bochy, but she was immediately glad to see him there. Bochy’s mom, Lauren, found him there and was so surprised by this.

Luckily, for them, she managed to record the entire event on camera. She later posted it on TikTok, where it got over 3.7 million views, over 480,000 likes, and 15,600 comments.

Internet’s Reaction To Bochy

woman looking at grandma and dog
Source: TikTok

The family from California was glad that the video got a lot of positive attention on social media. Many people were surprised by this German Shepherd’s love and loyalty for his grandma.

The video got a lot of comments and there are some interesting reactions. One person commented: “The way she’s just smiling at him before you get in the room.

From this part alone, it’s obvious that grandma just trusts Bochy completely and is glad to see him there with her. He is so important to their family.

Another person said: “I would be so happy if a big dog watched over me in my old age.” 

It’s hard to imagine our lives without dogs, and even more so if we were old and didn’t have them by our side. I completely agree with this comment.

photo of german shepherd lying
Source: TikTok

And lastly, someone wrote: “Love how overprotective he is and how much they love each other before you got into the room.

As it is already explained, this is no news for anyone who has ever had a German Shepherd as they are one of the most loyal dog breeds. They always continue to amaze me.

In the end, it’s really great to see how one simple act of kindness from this sweet dog has made a lot of people’s day better.

I think I can say with confidence that these types of videos will never get old and seeing them will always make me feel happy.