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Woman Noticed A Dog Was Trying To Stop Her Car Only To Be Shocked By The Real Reason

Woman Noticed A Dog Was Trying To Stop Her Car Only To Be Shocked By The Real Reason

When a woman by the name of Stacy Batson was on her way home in Quincy, Florida, taking her usual route, she didn’t quite expect to become a hero.

But, when she saw a pup run out from the roadside bush and started chasing her car, Stacy knew that she had to pull over and try to help.

Rescue Mission

After getting out of her car, Stacy carefully approached the stray pup. However, the puppy didn’t want Stacy’s attention, he wanted to take her to somebody who actually needed it – his brother.

“I came across the two pups on my way home from work. It was late in the evening, but the brindle pup greeted me first. He [appeared to be] the strongest and very friendly and bubbly,” said Stacy.

When Stacy finally managed to find the other pup, he wasn’t too happy to see her as he was quite hesitant.

He leaned on the other for confidence, it seemed. But both had very sweet natures about them. They were starving, so I shared my lunch that I didn’t eat with the two of them. It completely broke my heart.

After the furry siblings enjoyed their meal and sniffed her hand a bit, they realized that Stacy was a hooman who they could trust.

Even though Stacy wasn’t sure how long the siblings were surviving out in the cold, it didn’t matter to her because she knew that she had to do something to help get them somewhere safer.

She then contacted her uncle Silas, asking him for help.

He picked them up and took them to a rescue. I wanted to make sure they were safe and taken care of

New Home

Stacy’s uncle took them to a Quincy, Florida-based rescue by the name of Rest Your Paws Pet Refuge Inc., where they had a thorough checkup.

As soon as they were told that they were both healthy, the rescue managed to find them a foster home almost immediately.

The rescue is quite certain that they will also find them a forever home together so that the two brothers don’t get separated.  

Stacy also makes sure to check up on the puppies from time to time, making sure that they are as happy as they can be.

The pups have been doing well. It thrills me that such a small gesture of kindness has reached and touched so many.

Final Word

This story is a great reminder that even the smallest act of kindness can change someone’s life forever.

Thanks to Stacy, these two pups no longer have to fight to survive – their only concern now is being as adorable as they can be.