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This Sweet Dog Was Terrified Of Humans Until An Amazing Rescuer Came Into Her Life

This Sweet Dog Was Terrified Of Humans Until An Amazing Rescuer Came Into Her Life

Despite their difficult circumstances, the kindness of stray dogs will never cease to amaze us. Overlooked, homeless, and in constant search of food, these four-legged creatures’ kindness shines through like no other.

When Georgiana first met Paula – she could just feel how wonderful of a dog she was! Even though she was extremely scared, deep down, Paula wanted to be saved. She just didn’t have the right words!

But, despite everything, Georgiana understood her perfectly.

From Crying To The Cutest Smile

puppy standing near tire
Source: SOS Arms

You could just tell from her body language that Paula, the stray little dog, wanted Georgiana to be her savior! That day, this giant-hearted rescuer of SOS Arms was driving through when she spotted a dog running towards her car.

She immediately stopped in her tracks, opened the door, and waited for the dog to come. When she approached her, Paula was still very insecure, so she still kept a safe distance.

“She wanted to come to me, but at the same time she was scared,” Georgiana told The Dodo

At that moment, a car was passing by, and Georgiana instinctively grabbed Paula into her arms to save her. 

Paula kept screaming and crying, as she still wasn’t sure if Georgiana was gonna hurt her. But then, within just a few minutes, she completely melted!

This scared doggo girl realized that her savior gave her nothing but the sweetest cuddles on the head, and she reciprocated! From that moment on, Paula completely dropped her guard and let her new momma drive her to a shelter.

Thriving In A New Home

It only took a couple of days for Paula to come out of her shell. She acclimated to the new environment like she had always belonged there, and the other dogs were just happy to have her.

“Paula started to give kisses immediately the next two days. Just like she was saying: -You are my friend. I love you!” 

She literally transformed into the sweetest cuddle bug among her new buddies, which made her new momma want to keep her – forever.

With her playful character and one-of-a-kind charm, Georgiana knew that Paula was the right dog for her. She had a sweet, outgoing personality, and had the most beautiful way with everyone.

“She’s a real ambassador of stray dogs. She is a life lesson for everyone to understand that kindness is powerful,” says Georgiana. 

woman holding her new dog
Source: The Dodo

She’s always there to lick and kiss everyone, from dogs to cats. And, boi, does she love the playtime! Aside from cuddling with her momma, her outings are probably her favorite time of the day!

Once a scared dog fending for herself in the wilderness, Paula’s today a brand-new girl who loves her life!
Keep up with Paula’s daily adventures on her Instagram account.