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This Dog Was Stuck In A Drainage Pipe Until His Amazing Rescuers Came To His Aid

This Dog Was Stuck In A Drainage Pipe Until His Amazing Rescuers Came To His Aid

There are many upsetting things in this world for dogs that we don’t really consider a problem. Primarily, it’s because they are things done by us.

One great example is fireworks. To us, they light up the sky in an amazing way, but our furry friends are terrified of them.

I still remember how my German Shepherd would react on New Year’s Eve, and I hate thinking about how scared he was during those few hours.

In this story, we will talk about an unfortunate incident where a dog went into a drainage pipe to hide from fireworks, but got stuck instead.

An Unusual Incident

dog in a drainage pipe
Source: ViralHog

When a sweet stray dog heard a big firework in a town in Texas, he got really scared and tried to hide from it by crawling in a very small drainage pipe.

Unfortunately, he did not understand where he was, so the poor pup could not really think of a way to get out of the pipe.

He tried getting out of it later, but got stuck and couldn’t escape. Luckily, for him, his unfortunate situation did not go unnoticed by people who were nearby.

dog stuck in drainage pipe
Source: ViralHog

Plumbers from Texas saw that he was stuck, and they reacted really fast. All of them joined hands and tried to figure out a way to get him out.

While they were coming up with a plan, they gave him some food and water, as he must have been starving and needed the strength to get out.

A Lucky Break

rescuing dog in drainage pipe
Source: ViralHog

The workers took some time to think about the whole situation and how to get him out without any sort of injury, and they decided to take it as slow as necessary.

They put a leash around the dog, and they tried encouraging him to move out as he was probably able to move now, but he was just scared to make a leap.

One of the plumbers got down and gave him some water, as they decided to take a break for a bit.

They continued the rescue mission and the sweet dog got his feet up. Now, all that he needed was that one extra push to get himself out of there.

rescued dog
Source: ViralHog

He kept trying, and finally, he got out of the pipe. After he climbed out, the dog expressed gratitude to his saviors, and they decided to name him Lucky.

In situations like this, it’s very apparent just how much we can accomplish if we just act like human beings and reach out to those who need it.

For this dog, all he needed was somebody to show him some kindness in a terrifying situation, and that small act helped him get out of his situation.