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Sweet Dog Was So Sad After He Realized He Was Returned To The Shelter

Sweet Dog Was So Sad After He Realized He Was Returned To The Shelter

It’s not the sole moment of rejection that made me sob today. It was the moment of realization in his eyes when he figured out he was abandoned yet again. That disappointment, the lost faith lingering in his eyes, will haunt me forever. 

And I promise you won’t stay cold as rock either.

Carlton’s owners didn’t love him. Even after two years spent together, they didn’t find enough kind words to show Carlton he was important.

Instead, Carlton ended up in Special Pals animal shelter in Houston as a dog with a broken spirit.

Could Carlton trust humans again despite being rejected in such a cruel way?

The Sad Realization In His Eyes

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Source: TikTok

For two years, they had him. For two years, he thought he had a furever home. But, all that changed one day when Carlton’s owners decided they couldn’t care for him anymore.

Carlton didn’t realize where he were going. The Special Pals animal shelter in Houston was an unknown place – nothing like the dog park or his pet store. 

After his owner left, Carlton stayed sitting right next to the place his owner sat. He was confused, without an idea what was going on.


Don’t worry buddy. You are safe and will find a new home someday #houston #rescue

♬ someday i’ll get it – Alek Olsen

Shelter workers showered him with love and attention, but that was just for the first few moments in the shelter. Once Carlton was inside his kennel, the realization struck him like a lightning bolt:

He was abandoned.

It was not a place filled with rainbows and butterflies. It was a shelter packed with different dogs, unusual smells, and loud noises. His eyes filled with tears. Sadness took over his entire body. Carlton was left as a broken dog. 

It was not his home.

Carlton figured out his situation was forever captured in the video posted by a shelter worker. The whole TikTok community saw it, and the word’s been spreading around.

Would anyone come and give Carlton a chance?

Carlton Today

a dog playing with ball
Source: TikTok

After a while spent at the shelter, volunteers figured out what makes Carlton happy. 

The initial wave of sorrow and sadness went by and Carlton was left there, waiting patiently. He found a new interest: playing with balls! 


Replying to @tarav714 He is still waiting for a home but he is a happy dog #houston #animalrescue #dogs #posty #update

♬ Dance You Outta My Head – Cat Janice

Shelter workers say it’s more like an obsession. He absolutely loves playing with balls of any kind. It’s a sweet hobby that helps keep his mind off of bigger problems.

Sadly, there’s no interest in adopting Carlton yet. He is still with Special Pals, and they gave him a new name as a sign of a new start: Posty. 

No matter if he’s Carlton or Posty, he’s one incredible dog that deserves a chance. If you live in Houston or the area, this is your sign to give this gentle soul a new home. 

Carlton’s look in his eyes is proof that when you leave dogs at a shelter, they end up heartbroken. And still, so many dogs end up on the streets or at the shelter, abandoned with a broken spirit. 

Gaze into Carlton’s eyes, and you’ll see what rejection looks like. Don’t make any more dogs feel the same way anymore.