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This Dog Was So Severely Matted That He Looked Like He Had Six Legs

This Dog Was So Severely Matted That He Looked Like He Had Six Legs

A dog by the name of Simon was found wandering around Kansas City, Missouri. However, he wasn’t just a regular stray.

Simon came into KC Pet Project, an animal shelter based in Kansas City, looking like he had six legs.

Much Needed Haircut

photo of a dog in bad condition
Source: The Dodo

As soon as Simon stepped foot into the shelter, he was immediately brought to the clinic as he had an overly-matted fur coat that needed to be dealt with.

“He sort of looked like a prehistoric creature. Seeing him try to move with all that hair, it was absolutely heartbreaking,” said Tori, a staff member.

With the help of two veterinary assistants, Simon got a haircut, which actually lasted around two hours.

dog getting a haircut
Source: The Dodo

After the removal of 6.5 pounds of fur, and a nice, warm bath, Simon was put on medical hold for the entire duration of his hospital stay.

Even with everything that happened, this 11-year-old pup was still very curious. After being able to see and walk properly, Simon explored every new area he found himself in.

dog wrapped in a towel
Source: The Dodo

Every day that he was here, he was healing, and it took him a long time to learn how to really walk again normally.  

Even though it took him some time to adjust to his new, short hairstyle, this pup started feeling better than ever.

New Life

After a couple of weeks, Simon started catching the eyes of potential adopters, and Simon loved all of the attention.

They were just scratching on him, and he was loving it. And then he just looked happy as a cucumber.

dog standing on grass
Source: The Dodo

The staff was overjoyed when they witnessed Simon leaving the shelter, knowing that he would finally be taken care of the way he deserved.

Knowing all that he went through before he came to KC Pet Project, for him to just go out and live out the rest of his days in a home is wonderful.

Importance Of Grooming

As we all know, in order to keep our pet’s fur nice and neat, we have to groom it regularly. If not, it may lead to tangled fur, which then results in matting.

If an animal’s fur is extremely matted, it can lead to skin irritation and poor air circulation, which can create a moist environment that is the perfect home for bacteria and fungal infections.

The animal may have a difficult time regulating body temperature, which can result in overheating and heat stroke.

There are also many long-term health issues that can occur, which are easily avoidable if their lovely fur is well taken care of.

Plus, grooming can be a great way to bond with your dog, as you are spending quality time with each other. 

So, take care and brush your pet’s hair!