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This Dog Was Rescued From A Puppy Mill And Then His Life Changed Completely

This Dog Was Rescued From A Puppy Mill And Then His Life Changed Completely

One thing that I constantly think about is just how much suffering there is in the world and how often dogs endure more because of our actions. The situation always seems dire.

However, I am then reminded that it’s a story, and it’s one that has a positive ending, which leaves me feeling hopeful.

These stories show the best of humanity and how much the bond we have with dogs actually means.

In this story, we will talk about a dog who was saved from a Puppy Mill and then underwent an amazing transformation.

Murph’s Trauma

photo of rescued puppy
Source: The Dodo

When Murph was first rescued from a Puppy Mill in Iowa, she was completely traumatized and didn’t know how to behave around humans.

Her owner, Katera, tried to help her by taking this slowly and not rushing her into anything. However, it meant slow progress because she was still just so scared.

Katera told The Dodo: “All she was, she was a number. She didn’t leave her crate for weeks.” 

puppy in a kennel
Source: The Dodo

It was just heartbreaking to even think what she went through to be so afraid of everything. I can’t even begin to imagine.

However, no hope was lost, as Murph made slow, but steady progress when she decided to peek out of her crate on one fateful day.

It was a small step, but an important one at the same time because it helped her realize that she was now completely safe and no one would hurt her anymore.

A Great New Chapter For Murph

puppy called murph on grass
Source: The Dodo

When Murph was feeling a little more relaxed, Katera realized that she was really matted and needed a bath and a groomer’s appointment soon.

So, her wonderful mom gave her a bath, which made her more comfortable. After some grooming, she looked like a completely different dog.

This was some amazing progress for Murph. Katera thought it would be nice to get her to go on some walks, so she tried by taking her outside and starting slowly.

However, she said: “Walks didn’t really happen. My boyfriend would carry her, and she would get to see the world a little less scary.”

man walking the dog
Source: The Dodo

This didn’t mean surrender. Murph and her boyfriend had a special connection, and after some time, she actually relaxed enough to go on a walk with him.

And so, it was the start of a big chapter in her life. She became a lot different after that point, and even demanded more pets from her family.

They would even take her to a quiet park in Iowa where she would be free to play and roam around. It was just so wholesome.

This wonderful couple truly did something special when they adopted Murph and gave her a new chance.

And, she was truly resilient and special for being able to recover from her trauma and learn how to be happy again with people who mean everything to her.