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This Dog Was Missing For 16 Months Before He Was Finally Reunited With His Family

This Dog Was Missing For 16 Months Before He Was Finally Reunited With His Family

It’s really a tragedy when a dog goes missing. It’s hard to think what the family has to go through because of that.

Most people don’t realize just how common this is today. In one moment, your dog is with you, and in the next, he is gone.

Most dogs are often distracted by something, and they simply don’t know their way back home.

There isn’t much anyone can do in this situation other than keep looking and never give up hope of finding them.

In this story, we will talk about an interesting case where a family lost their dog and he went missing for a really long time.

It’s Been 16 Months

brown dog on a leash
Source: WNEP

When Bree was taken to a groomer in Pennsylvania by her parents, Susan, and Mervyn Lege, they did not expect anything unusual to happen.

It went completely normal. However, when one of the workers there opened the doors to move towels to their laundry, the dog just took off.

Bree started running really fast outside the building. Her owner, Susan, kept on calling her, but it didn’t change anything.

They had tried to follow her, but it was hard to figure out where she went at that point. The family was starting to get desperate.

very cute dog
Source: WNEP

Their dog had ran away, and they couldn’t find her. They looked everywhere but to no avail. Something needed to be done. 

So, they contacted Shannon Cohan, who worked for Central Pennsylvania Pet Recovery, to see if she could help. 

She agreed, and they looked for her for months. Sometimes, on occasion, somebody would spot Bree, but they couldn’t catch her.

It looked like she was really scared of anyone she didn’t know, and so she would just always run away.

Finally, Some Good News

owner walking a brown dog
Source: WNEP

Time went by, and the sightings stopped. The owners were starting to lose hope at this point, as they assumed that Bree was possibly attacked by coyotes or hunters.

Shannon did not give up, though. She relentlessly continued her search for Bree, and her efforts paid off.

After 16 months of searching, she finally found her. They lured her in with a humane trap, and she was finally secured.

Now that Bree was safe, Shannon called the owner immediately. Susan was just over the moon to hear this, and she went to see her dog immediately.

cute dog and two humans
Source: WNEP

She had to stay for a few days in an animal hospital until the vets were sure that she was okay. However, after that, they discharged her and she was finally able to see her family.

After they were reunited, things felt like old times for the family. Susan noted that Bree hadn’t changed and was still the same dog as she was before.

They are so happy to have her back. This story shows us that we should never give up hope, even when things get difficult.