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Dog Was Heartlessly Dumped Out Of The Car But Good Souls Were There To Save Him

Dog Was Heartlessly Dumped Out Of The Car But Good Souls Were There To Save Him

People with great hearts do not need extra motivation to start a rescue mission when the life of an animal is in danger. The sad face of a helpless being is a big enough motivation for them.  

The best example of this is the rescuers from Hope For Paws, a rescue organization located in Los Angeles, California, who didn’t wait a minute to take action when they were informed about a pregnant dog in need of help. 

However, they truly showed greatness after they received a text about a dog that was thrown out of a car while they were heading to save the pregnant one. Instead of continuing where they left off, these good souls decided to save more than one life that day.

An Incredible Rescue Day

Katie and Alex, rescuers from Hope For Paws, received a text about a dog that was thrown out of a car while they were on their way to save a pregnant Husky. Considering that the location where the sad incident occurred wasn’t far away, they decided to go to that place immediately. 

When they arrived, these two rescuers were greeted by a very matted dog who was still confused because of everything that happened. Adriana Mondragon, a good-hearted woman who saved the dog, was by his side the whole time. 

After Katie and Alex petted him and gave him a few hugs, this dog was able to relax a bit, so they brought him to their car right after that. They placed him in a cage that was in the trunk right next to the other one intended for the second rescue mission. 

An hour later, he got company after Katie and Alex rescued a pregnant Husky named Mallory (a video of Mallory’s rescue). One of the rescuers could not hold back tears of joy when she saw two pups in safety. 

It was a true rescue day – one of the most incredible in their lives. 

New Dog

When Murphy came to their premises, he was welcomed with open arms by the staff. They immediately gave him a lot of love and kisses so that he could feel safe and comfortable. 

After they completely gained his trust, his grooming session could begin. Soon after it was all done, a beautiful boy appeared under the matted coat, and they decided to name him Murphy

Murphy couldn’t get the smile off his face as they bathed him, and it could clearly be seen that he was so grateful to them for everything they had done. He was a brand-new dog and he couldn’t be happier about it. 

Although he lacked nothing, Murphy didn’t stay there for long. Friends from LA Animal Rescue, a rescue organization also located in Los Angeles, California, offered to foster him

It took him a little time to re-acclimate to his new surroundings, but Murphy quickly demonstrated his cheerful personality there as well. He found some new canine friends but also made his new fosterers fall in love with him. His life became a blessing.

Although he was on the verge of never seeing the light of day again when his cruel owner threw him out of the car, good people helped Murphy shine in his full glory. 

It is the glorious light that will hopefully bring him the happiest ending he deserves.