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Dog Was Caught Chewing A Picture Frame But His Cat Sibling Was There To Defend Him

Dog Was Caught Chewing A Picture Frame But His Cat Sibling Was There To Defend Him

Heading off to work and leaving your beloved pets alone at home must be tough for any pet parent. 

Luckily, thanks to advancements in technology, you can keep an eye on your furry children and see what they’re up to while you’re away.  

Especially, if your furry kids are known for causing a bit of havoc around the house.

Well, that’s exactly why Carly, a pet mom of three, decided to install an indoor camera in her living room. 

She thought she would be able to watch her pets and maybe catch them red-handed; however, she failed hilariously. 

Mercy Caught In The Act 

german shepherd on a camera picture
Source: Youtube

Meet Mercy! 

She is a one-year-old German Shepherd puppy that is experiencing something, which in human toddlers, is known as the “terrible twos”. 

If you didn’t know, puppies also go through a similar stage where they can be, let’s say, a bit challenging. 

“She’s going through a terror phase,” Carly told Ring LLC, an Amazon owned home security and smart home company. “She’s eaten every single ornament she can reach on the tree and has proceeded to go after picture frames!”

So, Carly and her husband decided to set up a Ring Indoor Cam to keep an eye on Mercy. 

They were hoping to catch her in the act and scold her for her destructive behavior. If you don’t know, the Ring camera also has a mic, so Carly is able to talk with Mercy anytime she catches her chewing something. 

Well, everything was going perfectly until Mercy’s feline sisters decided to get involved. 

A Hilarious Cover-Up 

When Carly saw Mercy chewing on the picture frame, she quickly called her name and told her, “put that down!”

Mercy immediately stopped chewing and perked her ears at the sound of her mom. She looked directly at the camera, but was very confused since her mom was not in front of her. 

She didn’t drop the frame, though. 

“Mercy, drop that!”, Carly continued to say. 

german shepherd and a white cat at home
Source: Youtube

That’s when the cats decided to show up. They weren’t going to let Mercy down. 

First, you can see Carly’s white cat, who was also very confused, rushing over to look at the camera. 

cats head in front of the camera
Source: Youtube

Then, the other black and white cat, whose name is Ling Ling, shows up. That is when it gets hilariously entertaining.

Ling Ling first started to sniff the camera real close, and then decided to cover the camera completely, so her mom couldn’t see anything. 

cat hides camera
Source: Youtube

“It’s hard to stay mad at them when we saw their reactions to my voice,” Carly said.

She was able to quickly save the video to show her husband the evidence of Mercy and the cat’s shenanigans. 

Here’s the hilarious video: 

People absolutely loved it. One person commented: 

“This entire video blessed me, lol!! Mercy didn’t move a piece an inch, aside from tilting her/his head and ponder if it’s worth chewing while being scolded. The white cat popped in to find out what in the foolishness was happening. Ling Ling was going to get to the bottom of things. Mercy continues to debate internally about chewing in front of owner (possibly also contemplating the meaning of life), and allows Ling Ling to get to the bottom of things!” 

Considering this whole situation, it’s safe to say that cats and dogs do get along as opposed to popular belief.