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Dog Was Almost Euthanized After Being Labeled As ‘Unadoptable’ But Then His Luck Changed For The Better

Dog Was Almost Euthanized After Being Labeled As ‘Unadoptable’ But Then His Luck Changed For The Better

As hard as animal shelters try to provide their animals with love and comfort, sometimes it’s much harder than it seems.

Many animals are not capable of thriving in a crowded environment as they require more focused attention and love.

This is why foster homes are so important. They provide a quiet place where dogs are able to socialize, receive more attention, and recover better from any trauma they may have suffered from before.

Proof of this lies in today’s story in which a sweet little pup learned to love life all over again, thanks to her caring fosters.

Meet Holly

When a woman named Janae was visiting the Dallas Animal Shelter, she met somebody really special.

An adorable rescued stray by the name of Holly was one of the shelter residents. And, even though she was extremely malnourished and wasn’t able to see out of one eye, this beautiful pup drew Janae’s attention.

“She was not running up to the window like most of the dogs do, to get attention. I asked the volunteer if we could just take her out in the yard just to get her out of the kennel and spend some time with her,” Janae told GeoBeats.

As the volunteer approached her to take her out of the kennel, and as soon as she saw a leash, Holly got really scared.

In order to get her out, another volunteer had to pick her up and carry her to the yard.

However, as soon as she smelled the fresh air, Holly couldn’t contain her excitement.

“Once we were out in the yard, she just started running around and was so happy to be out. There was another dog on the other side and they could see each other through the gate. And she started play bowing and wanting to play with him,” she added.

But, her happiness was soon going to be spoiled.

Because the shelter was full and she was injured, the Dallas shelter deemed her unadoptable and scheduled her for euthanasia.  

“I called my husband and I said ‘She does not want to go back in there, she can not stay here. I’m so sorry but we have to bring home another foster.’” Janae said.

New Life

As soon as Janae left the shelter with Holly, she took her to the groomer for a bath. And, after she was all nice and clean, they went straight to a Dallas pet store for some cute toys.

But, as she got to Janae’s house, she got a bit nervous.

During her first days at her new foster home, all she would do was get in the corner and hide away from the world.

But luckily, it didn’t take her long to come out of her shell.

Janae and her husband had already adopted dogs before, so when Holly met them, she was overjoyed at the fact that she had good company.

“They helped her know that we were safe and that our home was a safe place for her,” she said.

Holly now loves spending time outside with her doggo siblings, playing tag all day long. She also loves being a couch potato, cuddling up to her hoomans on the couch whenever she gets the chance.

Forever Home

After spending a year fostering Holly, Janae and her husband fell in love with her more and more.

They knew that by being as precious as she was, Holly needed to be a part of the most perfect family. And, that’s exactly what happened.

“This adoption is a million percent worth the wait for the most perfect family. Her wonderful people saw her on Facebook and live in Washington state. They lost their beautiful dog earlier this year, sweet Georgia, who was a DPA Alumni,” Janae wrote in an Instagram post.

Holly is finally where she was destined to be all along – a part of a loving family who loves and adores her with all of their heart.

Good girl, Holly!