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This Sweet Dog Desperately Wanted To Be Saved That She Would Not Let Go Of Her Rescuer’s Arm

This Sweet Dog Desperately Wanted To Be Saved That She Would Not Let Go Of Her Rescuer’s Arm

Unfortunately, there are many animals across the world that do not have the life they are supposed to have.

Many of them live in unsafe conditions and have owners who do not take care of them properly, often neglecting their wants and needs.

This is exactly why animal rescuers are so important. They dedicate their entire lives to rescuing animals in need and providing them with healthy environments that will allow them to grow and live happy lives.

Proof of this can be found in today’s story when an animal rescuer decided to save the sweetest dog ever from terrible living conditions, giving her a chance at a life she truly deserves.

Help Is Here

dog on a chain
Source: The Moho

Rummi is an adorable pup living with a very sad past.

She had spent her entire life being tied by a chain to a muddy and dirty shed, not being able to move freely.

She was constantly surrounded by filth and being fed inedible food. The chain that was tied around her neck was also very short, preventing her from getting the daily movement she required in order to be healthy.

She had no shelter to cover her from the weather, forcing her to stay outside and suffer through all the rain and storms.

black dog tied on chain
Source: The Moho

Rummi attempted to escape these unhealthy living conditions multiple times, but she was unable to. Luckily, her luck had changed when she saw a kind hooman approaching her.  

As soon as she felt the rescuer’s hand pet her, Rummi stood up on her back legs and hugged her, not allowing her to stop petting.

guy helping a tied dog
Source: The Moho

New Life

Of course, as soon as she saw her, the rescuer immediately took the pup and brought her somewhere where she would be loved and taken care of.  

Arriving at the rescue shelter full of good people, Rummi started wagging her tail and running around in circles, not being able to contain her excitement.  

Rummi is now a free pup who is able to run around as much as she wants, spending her days filled with fun and games.

black dog with tongue out
Source: The Moho

After spending some time in the shelter, Rummi found out what being a dog was all about.

She loves to run around and have fun with all of the other dogs in the shelter, but she also loves spending quality time with the shelter staff, showing them how much she appreciates everything they have done for her.  

woman petting black dog
Source: The Moho

Being such an adorable pup, Rummi was able to find a forever home in no time.

She no longer has to worry about not having a roof over her head or food on her plate, as she is finally living the life she deserved all along.

Rummi’s days are full of fun playdates, yummy food, and good hoomans reminding her of what a good girl she truly is!

woman hugging black dog
Source: The Moho

Final Word

Animal rescuers truly are heroes.

Without them, so many animals around the world would be living on the streets or with neglectful and abusive owners, struggling to have a healthy life.

But, with the help of these incredible people, they are able to live a joyful life in a warm environment that allows them to grow big, strong, happy, and healthy!