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A Dog Returned To A Shelter Waited Over 380 Days Before Getting A New Chance

A Dog Returned To A Shelter Waited Over 380 Days Before Getting A New Chance

Seeing a dog go to a forever home after spending its entire life in captivity is truly the greatest sight. 

But, what about when you have it the other way around?

For Roxy, the sweetest Staffordshire Terrier mix, life has been everything but easy. Instead of waiting for her golden days in a warm, cozy home where she was initially adopted, this California dog had to face the harsh reality once again.

This time, sadly, Roxy spends endless days getting constantly overlooked by the people coming to adopt her shelter buddies.

Roxy’s Sad Story

pitbull behind the cage
Source: @jjack.iie

Roxy knows exactly what it feels like to be a shelter dog. Before she was even adopted, she was born in Valley Animal Center, Fresno, California, alongside her seven other littermates. 

Since her very puppyhood, this playful girl has been nothing but the biggest sweetheart. When the time came, she finally found her home, only to be faced with a heartbreaking turn of events.

Only a year after her adoption, Roxy was returned back to the shelter.

pittie laying on the cloth
Source: @jjack.iie

One of the shelter volunteers, Jackie, posted a tear-jerking video of Roxie being completely shut down behind the kennel bars. Apparently, she was returned because her owners couldn’t manage to adapt her among their livestock.

“She was adopted out from us fairly young, but unfortunately returned due to her dislike towards livestock animals,” Jackie wrote in her TikTok post.


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Now, Roxie has spent more than 380 days at the shelter, waiting for the day to meet someone special – someone who wouldn’t let her go this time.

“She’s The Whole Package”

Despite her misfortune, Roxy is still holding onto hope that someone special will stumble upon her.

And, wouldn’t that be just the greatest gift ever?

For now, the shelter staff makes sure that she’s properly cared for, as this lovely girl hasn’t had it easy during the last year. 

She replaced a spacious yard with a tiny kennel. And, even though the staff makes sure to take her on her regular walks – that still can’t replace the freedom she once had.

According to the shelter, Roxy is a wonderful doggo, full of energy and enthusiasm. Once she gets back on her paws, she’ll make a wonderful pet again – but her requirements are, this time, a little different.

The staff believes that Roxy would do best in a home where she’s the only pet, considering her tragic rejection the last time. 

“A household with children over the age of 5 will be a great fit for her. She needs to be the only pet in the household because she does not get along well with other animals. Trust us, she is the only pet you’ll ever need. She’s the whole package, playful and loving,” the VAC team wrote on Facebook.

Once she acclimates to a new home, there’s no doubt that she’ll make the perfect fit with other animals – it is only a matter of time!

In the shelter, Roxy is already mastering her social and obedience skills. With the help of experienced dog trainers, she’s breaking all the barriers and exhibiting her amazing potential – as well as the nicest personality!

Waiting For The Pawfect Family

For now, Roxie is on the recovery path, and her team is definitely doing everything in their power to help her get there faster.

She’s still struggling in those four walls but definitely ready to embark on another exciting adventure.

“Roxy is ready for a loving family that will smother her with all the love and kisses she could ever have,” her caregivers wrote.

This time, hopefully, it’ll be forever!