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This Dog Uses A Hilarious Method To Communicate With Her Family  

This Dog Uses A Hilarious Method To Communicate With Her Family  

This adorable rescued brindle Pittie by the name of Mya has a very interesting form of communication.

Whenever she has her bowl in her mouth, that is her way of letting people know that she has something to say.

Very Smart Pup

Most of the time, it is to let her mom, Briana Maiola, know that she is hungry.

“Mya uses bowls to communicate many needs. She makes lots of noises, wiggles like crazy, and relentlessly follows you around and stares at you,” Briana told The Dodo.

Sometimes, she will also use her bowl in order to let her parents know that she has to go outside.

“She will pace to and from a window or door with a bowl and drop it at the door, making a loud clang!” she added.

However, recently, Mya has been using her bowl to communicate a new message to a new audience… her siblings, Scrappy and Kekie.

This Seat Is Taken

Whenever Mya plans to take a nap on her favorite bed, but just isn’t that tired yet, she will drop her bowl on top of the bed, signaling to her siblings that that spot is reserved.

“We will find bowls sitting in beds, on couches, or in other cozy spots to ‘hold her place’. Mya will drop a bowl and return to the spot when she’s ready for a snooze!” said Briana.

Not only does this small gesture Mye does to “hold her place” fill Briana’s heart with joy, but seeing the reaction of her siblings makes it a thousand times better.

“Most of the time, her very patient siblings will respect the bowl and find another spot to lay. But sometimes, the spot is just too good to resist and her siblings will ignore the bowl” she added.

When this happens, Briana does not disturb Scrappy and Kekie, considering it is their bed, too. Luckily, for the most part, Mya doesn’t really mind sharing her favorite spot.

“Mya will usually cozy up on the bed anyways. Sometimes, when it’s an especially good spot, she will give the absolute saddest expression in hopes one of us humans will clear the spot for her,” Briana stated.


However, even if they have some little disagreements over whose turn it is on the bed, these three siblings couldn’t live without each other.

“She and her siblings are very best friends. They are attached at the hip!” she said.

After they use up all of their energy running around the back yard together, they will always snuggle up together for a group nap and a good battery charge.

And, even though Mya may be dramatic from time to time, she is still a part of the family.“Mya is truly a special little girl who has taught all of us so much. She’s the happiest, wiggliest, most dramatic little dog I’ve ever met. We love her so much!” Briana concluded.