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Neglected Mama Dog Used For Breeding Finally Learns What It Is Like To Live A Normal Life

Neglected Mama Dog Used For Breeding Finally Learns What It Is Like To Live A Normal Life

I’ve seen hundreds of situations where an owner would get himself a dog only to use her for breeding and profit.

In most of these cases, the pup is treated in an unethical way. They are neglected most of the time and living in poor conditions. 

This is just truly horrible. Isabella is one real example of this. When a group of rescuers found her, they learned that she was also in a similar situation.

Her owner was cruel and neglectful to her, so the kind people decided that they couldn’t just sit back and do nothing about it.

Isabella’s New Freedom

When they arrived at her location, they were even more shocked by what they saw. She didn’t have any source of clean water or any food.

The neighbors who felt bad would often give her something to eat so she wouldn’t starve; however, even they understood that she needed help.

The Happy Doggo team was now on the scene and they would figure out a way to help Isabella and her babies.

They saw that she was kept on a very tight leash, which meant that she couldn’t move around at all. It looked like she was in horrible pain because of it.

The neighbors told the rescuers that Isabella was living like that pretty much her whole life. Despite living in such deplorable conditions, she remained optimistic.

As soon as she saw her rescuer’s kindness, she eased up a lot and started wagging her tail. They started sharing the story around Isabella, which meant good news for the puppies.

The rescuers were able to find foster and forever homes for all of them, which meant that they were all going to be okay.

However, Isabella’s situation is a bit different as she legally belongs to her owner, and the only way they could free her was to negotiate.

Another thing was that simply grabbing her was also a problem because it would occur on private property, and that’s a crime.

Isabella’s New And Promising Future

So, the rescuers from Happy Doggo contacted authorities and other rescue organizations for support. There was only one thing they could do.

They negotiated with the owner to see if he was willing to let her go. They understood that it was going to be difficult, but they had to do it.

Even though it took a long time, he finally agreed to let her go, and she was finally free. The rescuers took her to the shelter where she would recover.

In the care of her rescuers, she made a miraculous transformation. It was pretty apparent from the beginning that she was a very social pup, and this was very noticeable.

Because she was unable to move almost her whole life, she was very curious about everything and loved exploring very much.

Everyone is showering her with love, toys, and lots of cuddles. She is finally happy now. It’s only thanks to the amazing people from Happy Doggo that she got this chance.

They will care for her until she can be placed on an adoption list and find a new home. Until then, she will just enjoy her life and enjoy the care she is provided by her amazing rescuers.

@happydoggoniall This gorgeous girl has been tied up on an incredibly short chain for her entire life, used for breeding. This is her story of freedom and her new life… ⛓️ Beautiful Isabella has been chained up since she was three months old, made to have puppies at just a year old herself. ❌ We can’t go into too much detail but because she was on private property, we couldn’t just take her. 💧 She’d only managed to survive because kind locals had been sneaking her food and water. The conditions she was living in were terrible and local authorities had to get involved to get her free. You can see how delighted she was to have her freedom. Now she’s with us at Happy Doggo land and the rest of her life starts here. Her puppies have also found homes where they’ll be loved and looked after. Lovely Isabella will never need to go back to that place again 🥰 Isabella would not have made it were it not for the help of a kind local feeder and concerned locals. They were able to bring in food and water on a regular basis to keep er alive. They were also able to take the puppies away and find them homes. Getting Isabella herself released was not easy and took a lot of negotiation and help in the background where both Samui Street Dogs and Bern from @soidogfoundationofficial were intrumental. It takes an army to save a dog 🙌🏽 #streetdog #rescuedog #dogrescue #dogs ♬ Fix You – 𝐏𝐌𝐕