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Abandoned Dog Tied To A Bench Hopes His Family Would Soon Return For Him

Abandoned Dog Tied To A Bench Hopes His Family Would Soon Return For Him

If dogs could talk, they would ask their family to love them immensely and to hold them in their arms every single day. Their parents’ loving embrace is the only place where they can feel happy.

Knowing that many dogs are mistreated and denied the right to be cherished and joyful shatters my heart.

The following story is about Gordough – a wonderful doggo who was deeply hurt after his owners abandoned him and left him tied to a park bench.

It’s utterly saddening to imagine how disheartened the pup must have felt while he watched his owners disappearing from sight. 

The sad dog was holding out the hope that his owners would come back for him. Gordough kept waiting for them with a sorrowful expression on his face, but they never returned. 

Despite being heartbroken, Gordough didn’t lose faith that someone would take notice of him and take him somewhere warm.

An Adorable Dog In Need Of Help

The rescuers at the Austin Humane Society, based in Texas, were left in shock when they found a giant Pit Bull mix tied to a bench with a pleading look on his sad face.

As soon as the rescue team laid their eyes on him, they realized that he was sick.

“He was … crusty from head to toe. He had infections of the skin and eyes, and desperately needed medicated baths, eye drops and ointment to treat them,” the 15/10 Foundation wrote on Facebook.

Although he was in pain, the pup became excited, and his tail began wagging the moment he saw them walking toward him.

The rescuers tenderly stroked his head, and the dog, later named Gordough, instantly felt that they were the heroes he was waiting for. His eyes melted with affection and gratitude as he watched them untie his leash from the bench.

A Lot Of Love And Care

The rescuers drove him to the shelter right away.

The pup captivated the hearts of the shelter staff as soon as they met him.

“Gordough is a big guy, he weighs 115 pounds but has a sweet and gentle demeanor,” Austin Humane Society wrote on Instagram.

His caregivers gave him a bath. Gordough was extremely patient as they treated his skin with many ointments. 

They showed him love and gave him many cuddles. The gentle giant deeply appreciated their friends’ affection. Seeing their smiling faces made him feel safe. 

Gordough’s face started beaming.

Gordough was happy to have some much-needed rest.

“Gordough is kind of like one of those reclining happy Buddha statues [come] to life. The zen master is an inspiration to couch potatoes everywhere,” the Austin-based non-profit organization told 15/10 Foundation, later shared on Facebook.

Gordough’s rescue story quickly became popular on social media, and it caught the attention of the 15/10 Foundation – a non-profit organization in Los Angeles, California, that provides shelter dogs with the medical help they need. 

The organization offered to cover the pup’s medical expenses. Owing to their help, Gordough was given the necessary treatment.

Gordough’s Perfect Forever Home 

Shortly afterward, the doggo found a loving foster home, and he continued recovering.

His foster family planned to take care of him for some time, but they soon realized that Gordough belonged with them. 

The adorable boi captured their hearts, and they adopted him, promising to love him forever.

Gordough loves snuggling with his forever parents and soaking up the boundless love they shower him with. The sweet dog also enjoys playing with toys and taking naps.

Gordough made a complete recovery. He cannot stop smiling because he lives his best life. He feels cherished and adored.  

We’re happy that Gordough left his sad past behind and found the happiness he always dreamed of.