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Dog Tied By The Road And Abandoned Raises His Paws And Begs For Help

Dog Tied By The Road And Abandoned Raises His Paws And Begs For Help

It’s utterly sad to imagine that any dog owner could abuse and abandon their dog… the most faithful and loveliest creature. How can they let their furry companions down and dump them like they were never a part of their life?

Lucy is one of the doggos who knows exactly how it feels to be abandoned by the very person he trusted the most. Not only did his owner dump him, but he also left him tied on the side of the road.

Despite his owner’s betrayal, Lucy still believed that good humans exist.

Hungry and alone, he spent five days hoping that he would get the help he needed. Every time he would see humans passing by, he would raise his front paws and beg them to help him.

A Giant-Hearted Woman Rushes To Rescue Him

a cheerful white puppy on its hind legs
Source: Animal Rescue

As soon as a kind-hearted woman heard about the pup who was dumped and tied on the side of the road, she came to see him.

Before she even met him, she was determined to take him home and become his foster mom.

The moment the pooch saw her, he raised his front paws towards her. He begged her to help him with a smile on his face. He was hoping that she would be the one who would rescue him.

When the pup saw the woman’s smiling face, he knew that she wouldn’t ignore him. He couldn’t contain his happiness. His face was beaming.

His foster mom caressed his beautiful face. The pup closed his eyes, trying to soak up her cuddles. She broke his chains and freed him.

Lucy Is The Happiest Pup

cheerful white dog in the arms of a woman
Source: Animal Rescue

The dog, later named Lucy, started jumping with joy. He had his freedom back. He was over the moon.

He kept bowing his head. It was his way of expressing gratitude to the woman who saved him.

She took Lucy in her arms and carried him to the car. Lucy was all smiles. While he was sitting in her lap, the pup covered his foster mom in kisses. Although they had never met before, they instantly bonded.

a white dog and a woman exchange caresses
Source: Animal Rescue

Lucy’s foster mom was enchanted with the dog and she fell in love with him. 

From now on, he will only know about happiness. He will never be left alone again. 

We’re very happy that Lucy has a great family. They will shower him with love and affection that he always dreamed of having.

Many thanks to Lucy’s foster mom for coming to his rescue and giving him all her love.