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Dog Who Thought He Outsmarted His Owner Had No Idea What Was Really Going On

Dog Who Thought He Outsmarted His Owner Had No Idea What Was Really Going On

It is my great honor to introduce to you Sundae – a sweet dog who is incredibly observant… so much so that he is able to spot even the slightest changes in everyday things.  

Well, except when he doesn’t.

Smart Pup

dog reaching up with his front paws
Source: @sundaebuns

Sundae became a part of his loving family a couple of years ago. As soon as he was adopted from Hearts & Bones Rescue – a non-profit dog rescue based in New York City, he became a very valued member of the family.  

He is a very healthy pup. However, Sundae does battle some pretty nasty and annoying allergies for which he has to take medicine in order to keep under control.

But, when it comes to pills, this pup isn’t really a big fan.

dog lying on a pillow in bed
Source: @sundaebuns

Because of this, his mom, Marina Rachael, had to think of ways to give him the medicine without him really knowing.

She first tried the usual method, which was trying to hide it in his food, but this pup detective managed to find it every single time.

“The first time we put the pill in his food, he looked at us like, ‘That tastes bad. No, thank you.’ We tried hiding the pill in his bowl with treats, but he’d still walk away when he found it, like, ‘I did not order this.’ By the third attempt, he’d basically trained himself to look for the pill. He’d pick out his kibble and place it on the floor, piece by piece, until he found the pill — then go back to his meal,” said Marina.

Because of this, Marina had to think of a more creative way for Sundae to take his medicine.

Well Played, Mom

dog sitting looking to the side
Source: @sundaebuns

Sundae thought that he outsmarted his mom since he would search for the pill in all of his meals. However, his mom had a pretty clever trick up her sleeve.

Marina started putting two pills in the bowl.

I’d put one pill on top [of his food] that was barely hidden. He’d pick out that one, and then scarf the rest without noticing the second pill.

Since he still removes a pill, Sundae always believes that he is the one who is victorious.

Because of this clever trick, Sundae never missed a single pill, putting all of his allergies in check.

He’s never caught on. It’s a method I have continued to employ anytime he needs meds.

Final Word

This is one of those stories which reminds us of just how determined dog parents can really be. Even though this pup didn’t want to take his medicine, Marina knew just how important it was for his overall health.

But, the fact that Sundae realized that the pills altered the taste of his food is enough proof of his genius.

However, this student has a lot of learning to do if he really wants to outsmart his loving master!