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Stray Dog Terrified Of Humans Finally Eased Up After Meeting His New Rescuers Who Changed His Life

Stray Dog Terrified Of Humans Finally Eased Up After Meeting His New Rescuers Who Changed His Life

When two animal lovers, Lexi and Ronnie Austen, founded the All-Hearts Foundation, an animal rescue and rehabilitation center, they were determined to help every living creature in need.

So, when they received a call about a stray dog who had been living in the streets and was in desperate need of help, they dropped everything they were doing and headed down to the location.

Even though they were able to locate the pup in no time, approaching him and catching him was a whole different story.

A Difficult Rescue Mission

woman trying to touch aggressive dog
Source: TikTok

As soon as they met the pup, they noticed that he was absolutely terrified.

Even though Ronnie did manage to put a leash over his head, the rescuers knew they had to first gain his trust before taking him in; otherwise, he would have been even more traumatized.

He was absolutely terrified. He has definitely been through extensive trauma and it always breaks our hearts to see animals that are so heartbroken by whatever it is they have been through,” said Lexi in a TikTok video.

The pup tried to run away and he got himself backed up against a wall, allowing Lexi to approach him and start talking to him in a gentle and calming voice, reassuring him that there was nothing to worry about.

aggresive dog barking
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At first, the pup was so scared that he even tried to bite Lexi, thinking that she was going to hurt him while she was just trying to get him used to human touch.

Over time, he began realizing that these hoomans weren’t there to hurt him, so he calmed down and even allowed Lexi to pick him up.

Since this doggo was in really bad condition as he was pretty exhausted and completely covered in ticks, Lexi and Ronnie knew that they immediately had to take him to the vet.

The pup, now named Jericho (or Jerry) for short, is finally ready to begin his new life.

New Chapter

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The rescuers made sure that Jericho had everything he needed, including space for him to decompress and come out of his shell on his own time.

“In these times we wish animals had voices. We wish this animal had an actual voice like you and me to explain what he had been through. We have rescued so many animals that we can only imagine what they have been through just from the behavior that they have displayed,” she stated in an update on Jerry.

Lexi had created a unique morning routine with Jericho that allowed him to get used to his surroundings as well as to the sense of touch as that was his biggest obstacle.

And, it was exactly this that made the biggest difference.

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When Lexie noticed that Jerry approached her and gave her his paws all on his own, she knew that he was finally comfortable with her.

Jerry also created an incredible bond with a wire-haired Terrier by the name of Rook, who had been so gentle and patient with him ever since they met. Seeing how much Rook liked being in the sanctuary really allowed Jerry to relax, have some fun, and become a part of the pack.

cute dogs playing together
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Finally, seeing that he had settled into his new home, Lexi and Ronnie were able to take him to the vet so that he could get a thorough checkup.

It is incredible to see just how big of a transformation Jerry underwent in such a short period of time.

“This little angel came from fear and abuse of the worst kind, to building trust and a bond with Lex like no other, here is to his happy ending,” concluded Lexi in a TikTok caption.

From now on, Jerry will be living alongside Lexi and the pack in the All-Hearts Foundation, living the happy life he deserved all along.