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Vet Reassures Foster Mom That Her Dog Is Not Pregnant, Then Comes A Surprise  

Vet Reassures Foster Mom That Her Dog Is Not Pregnant, Then Comes A Surprise  

Cheesecake was a little stray wandering around Oklahoma until she was rescued by a rescue called A Friend of Jack.

After some time, a woman named Iliana Broad heard that this sweet puppy was looking for a foster home. Falling in love with Cheesecake as soon as she saw her, Iliana decided to take her in.

New Life

dog walking in the hall
Source: @iamthatbroad

Since Iliana lived in Denver, Cheesecake had to be flown in from Oklahoma. But, she didn’t mind at all since she knew that a better life was waiting for her.

“At that stage, our goal is really just to make sure the new foster settles in OK, eats food and starts filling out and gaining weight, and can get some rest,” said Iliana.

pregnant brown dog
Source: @iamthatbroad

Cheesecake did manage to settle well into her new home. However, Iliana started noticing that her foster pup might be hiding a very big secret.

I realized she was showing some early pregnancy signs. I asked the women at A Friend of Jack if they had been told she was pregnant, and they said there was no indication that she was, but that I should take her to the vet for a quick scan. We went to the closest vet, and they said there were no visible puppies in any imaging.

Big Secret

Being convinced that she wasn’t pregnant, Iliana took Cheesecake home, but decided to keep a close eye on her.

girl holding her dog
Source: @iamthatbroad

Over time, Cheesecake’s belly started getting bigger and bigger, convincing Iliana that something really was going on.

Iliana had a gut feeling that Cheesecake was indeed pregnant, and she assumed that when she took her to the vet for the first time, she was in the early stages so the scans weren’t able to pick anything up.

She decided to take the pup to the vet one more time. After her scans, everybody was shocked to find out that not only was Cheesecake pregnant, but she was days away from giving birth.

X-ray of the dog's belly
Source: @iamthatbroad

The imaging showed so many puppies that we couldn’t even be sure how many there were. One vet said nine, another said ten, and we all just laughed about how bonkers that imaging was!

New Mom

A week later, with the help of Broad, Cheesecake gave birth to nine adorable and healthy puppies.

Going with the theme, the cute litter was named after flavors of the popular cake their mother was named after: Mocha, Oreo, Pumpkin, Strawberry, Blueberry, Cocoa, Fudge, Vanilla Bean, and Turtle.

dog feeding its puppies
Source: @iamthatbroad

Unfortunately, right after delivering her babies, Cheesecake fell incredibly ill and was not able to nurse her puppies.

Iliana came to her aid yet again and, along with her partner, started bottle-feeding each and every single pup. Even though it was a lot of work, Iliana didn’t mind one bit.

newborn puppies
Source: @iamthatbroad

After going through so much together, the couple simply couldn’t part ways with Cheesecake, so they decided to officially adopt her.

Final Word

After all of the puppies grew big and strong, being so adorable, all nine of them managed to find a forever home in no time.

As for Cheesecake, she is living her best life finally being able to focus only on herself and not having to worry about all the bad things that come with life out on the cold streets!