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Rescuers In Shock To Discover A Desperate Dog Stuck Under A Boulder

Rescuers In Shock To Discover A Desperate Dog Stuck Under A Boulder

There are many animals out there that are struggling to survive on the streets, beaches, villages, and many other places.

They are facing hunger, illness, mistreatment, as well as various other problems that they can not deal with on their own. 

Fortunately, there are always good people and animal-carrying organizations that are willing to help these poor creatures at any moment. 

One of those moments happened on a beach, where big-hearted people from a rescue team sacrificed much of their precious time just so that a poor dog could see the light of day under the big rocks.

A Mysterious Cry Spurred Them Into Action

One sunny day, a group of men from the BAWA ambulance team were patrolling the beach when they heard mysterious barking from somewhere. 

It was the cry of desperation for help, so they could not help but do something. They started towards the place where the sound was coming from until they came to a very rocky place.

They began peering through cracks in the rocks, anxiously searching for any sign of life. Soon, they saw the little black nose of a dog named Nala, poking out from under a boulder. 

“It didn’t take them long to figure out what was happening,” a representative from BAWA told The Dodo. “Nala’s unnaturally cloudy eyes were easily visible when they peered through the spaces in the rock pile, which is when they started sorting out how to gain access to her.”

The rescue mission was no easy feat. For hours, they tried to coax her out of her hiding place, but Nala’s fear and survival instincts held her back. She had learned to be wary of humans, and the most well-intentioned person couldn’t get close.

Even the food with which they tried to attract her did not give the desired results. Finally, rescuers used a piece of bamboo to gently loop a leash around Nala’s neck. At last, they pulled her to safety.

She was understandably scared and she resisted, but the rescuers were relieved and took her straight to the clinic.

Rescue That Means Life

When they brought Nala to the clinic, the veterinarians assessed her for injuries. They found out that sand had made Nala’s eyes irritated, causing them to develop cataracts – cloudy areas in the lens of her eyes. 

They quickly intervened and started treating Nala’s condition. The vets feel confident that her eyes will soon get the normal dog color and that everything will be fine with Nala. 

The great news is also that Nala is slowly starting to regain her trust in people. The BAWA team is trying to make it as easy as possible for her in this process. They are providing her with lots of love and affection, which every dog ​​desperately needs. 

“Nala is really working on her comeback!” the representative said. “She has relaxed during her time in the safety of the vet clinic and is quickly learning to trust humans. Her treatment so far has been a success, and it is believed that she will make it out of the clinic without any permanent vision damage.”

This story highlights the extreme importance of people like those from the BAWA team. Their efforts make a profound difference in the lives of animals like Nala.

We also hope that they will continue to devote themselves to this noble work and make not only many animals out there happy, but also all of us who witness these incredible stories.