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Missing Dog Spent 5 Months Living In A Cornfield After Running Away From Groomer’s Appointment

Missing Dog Spent 5 Months Living In A Cornfield After Running Away From Groomer’s Appointment

Losing a pet is a painful experience. Those feelings of uncertainty are hardly describable, and the fear of not seeing them kicks in like no other.

Iowa owners, Cynthia and Randy Ruth, woke up one day, thinking the day with Molly, their Golden Retriever girl, would be like any other. They took the dog to a local groomer for an appointment when things suddenly went south.

Instead of sitting through her grooming session like she used to, Molly’s adventurous spirit took over. She frantically escaped into a corn field, leaving her groomer and the entire family in shock!

Escaping Through An Open Door

dog sitting on grass
Source: Randy Ruth

Rose Shoemaker, the groomer of Spitfire Farm, from Anita, Iowa, was shocked to see Molly escaping through an open door and into the tall corn surrounding the farm. 

Even though the dog was microchipped, she wasn’t wearing her collar, making it extremely hard for her owners to find her.

The corn was already tall, and it was impossible to spot Molly in the farmland. The Spitfire Farm team tried to lure her with treats and toys, but the dog didn’t respond. She was already far away in the field.

dog lying on table in front of man
Source: Randy Ruth

The Ruth family was worried sick about their Goldie, especially because there were combines working in the cornfield all the time. They were afraid that she might be accidentally injured or run over

The family started actively looking for her, but there was no success. Then, a whole team of people got engaged in the process!

The Community At Its Finest

flyer for a missing dog
Source: Randy Ruth

Alongside Molly’s family and the Spitfire team, the good part of the Anita community decided to help. The family put up missing fliers and kept posting on social media. Eventually, a whole army of people was engaged in the searching process.

According to the Ruth family, she was spotted a couple of times the following months, but she always got back in the cornfield. One day, her owners spotted her by a cattle lot drinking out of a puddle. 

That was the closest someone got to Molly during the search. Randy and Cynthia called her name and Molly briefly looked at her owners, but then she ran away. She was evidently stressed out and in her survival mode. 

Molly Is Finally Safe

dog lying covered with blanket
Source: Randy Ruth

After five long months of extensive searching, finding Molly seemed like a lost cause. And, then the phone rang! Around noon, Randy got a call from a farmer, saying that Molly had been found in the field right in front of the combine.

“We found our sweet Molly! I got a call at 12:15 that she was in a cornfield in front of the combine. She was almost hit by the combine. She stood up and at a fast walk, walked ahead of the combine, and finally laid back down,” Randy wrote.

Rose and her team were so happy that after all this time, Molly was finally safe. 

“My heart is over the moon with joy! Fast healing for sweet Molly,” the Spitfire Farm team wrote on Facebook.

When her family finally picked her up, Molly weighed no more than 40 pounds. She was in terrible condition, and needed immediate intervention. The vet put her on IV and antibiotics, and after some time, Molly started to get back to her normal routine.

dog lying with a toy
Source: Randy Ruth

She started going out again in her acreage, and playing with her toys. 

“She loves her koala… She remembers it and carried it into her kennel last night before bed,” Randy wrote.

Randy and Cynthia are so happy to finally see Molly safe. Even though her escape was a huge shock for the family, they say they have no hard feelings about the situation. They know that Rose didn’t mean for this to happen, and they’re just glad to have their dog back.

As for Molly, the family hopes these unpredictable adventures are behind her!