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Tiny Stray Dog Spends Weeks Outside A Store, Hoping To Meet A Kind Human

Tiny Stray Dog Spends Weeks Outside A Store, Hoping To Meet A Kind Human

All that stray pups want is to leave their lonely street life behind them and find a human who would give them all their love. Just like all other canines, they wish to be cherished and have a place to call home.

While strays roam the streets, they dream of the day when people will stop ignoring them and give them the help they need.

Robbie was one of the stray dogs who craved love and human companionship, too. 

One day, he arrived in front of Dollar General, in Houston, Texas. He was hoping to meet a kind human who would save him from loneliness and the uncertainty of life on the streets.

Robbie Hopes To Be Noticed

Robbie found a hiding place under a plastic chair. He closely watched the customers as they were entering and leaving the store. His sweet brown eyes glimmered with hope that one of them would acknowledge his presence and help him find a loving home.

Three weeks passed and the sweet pup still kept waiting to be noticed.

Fortunately, Kristin Erwin, a dog rescuer, noticed the lovely dog while she was passing by. He was running around the parking lot.

She parked her car and decided to find out if the cute pup needed her help. She went inside the store and asked the store clerk about Robbie.

Although the store clerk told her that a woman was coming to pick the dog up, Erwin was skeptical. She left her number and asked the clerk to contact her if the woman didn’t come for Robbie.

Erwin Takes The Adorable Pup Home

Erwin wasn’t surprised when the store clerk sent her a text message saying that nobody showed up and that Robbie was still waiting.

“It was already getting dark, but I raced over to the Dollar General immediately,” Erwin said.

At first Robbie was shy and didn’t want to approach Erwin. Erwin brought him some treats and the pup couldn’t resist them. While he was eating the treats, the clerk managed to catch him. The clerk helped Erwin carry Robbie to her car and she took him home.

Robbie was glad that he was finally safe.

In the beginning, the dog wasn’t very playful. Erwin thought that he was scared and that he needed some time to decompress. After she spent some time with him, she realized that he loved to chill and he was a real cuddle bug.

“He was completely relaxed, eating and resting,” Erwin said.

Robbie Is Happy To Move In With His Forever Family

Lola’s Lucky Day, the animal rescue, helped Robbie and found him a loving foster home. The pup enjoyed the affection and love that his foster family gave him.

Soon, Robbie’s human friends found him a wonderful forever family. The lovely dog couldn’t wait to start a new life… the life he had always dreamed of having.

He was over the moon after he moved to his new home in Austin, Texas. His parents fell head over heels in love with him.

Robbie, along with his family, often shares updates on his Instagram account. He lives the life of his dreams. He changed his name to Guinness. He loves playing with toys and snuggling with his family who adores him.