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Sweet Dog Spends A Year At Shelter, Never Losing Hope That Someone Would Give Her A Chance

Sweet Dog Spends A Year At Shelter, Never Losing Hope That Someone Would Give Her A Chance

Every pup in this world is worthy of living a life filled with love and joy.

Sadly, for many dogs with disabilities, it is extremely hard to find a loving home that they have always dreamed of. Despite being adorable and loving, these pups get overlooked for adoption in favor of other, healthy dogs.

Spirit, an adorable three-legged pup, knows exactly how it feels to be ignored by potential adopters time after time.

Although she didn’t receive any adoption applications for about a year, Spirit never stopped hoping that she would get her happy ending.

Spirit’s Story

Spirit was found in the Rio Grande Valley after she sustained serious injuries. Saving Hope Rescue, located in Fort Worth, Texas, took her in.

Spirit was given the urgent medical attention that she needed. Unfortunately, one of her legs had to be amputated.

It wasn’t easy for the pup to adjust to her new life. Luckily, she had her foster family by her side. They showered her with tons of love and cuddles, trying to support her and cheer her up.

Thanks to their selfless affection and care, Spirit recovered and found love. She turned out to be a true cuddle bug. The sweet pooch enjoys snuggling with her foster mom. 

The rescue praises her wonderful and sweet personality.

“Spirit is missing a leg but makes up for it with a BIG personality! This 2 year old girl keeps everyone laughing all day! Loves absolutely everyone she meets, men, women, children of all ages, and always has her kissing booth open for business 24/7,” the Texas rescue wrote on Facebook.

Hoping To Find Her Humans 

Spirit’s foster mom took her to many adoption events. Both she and Spirit hoped that the pup would steal the heart of her forever family.

Spirit watched other canines find their parents at these events. While they covered their new family in kisses, Spirit wished to be in their place. 

She kept expecting someone to approach her. Sadly, nobody expressed any interest in taking her home and giving her the boundless love that only parents can give.

Despite not receiving any adoption interest in a year, Spirit’s beautiful smile never faded from her face. She keeps on dreaming of finding her family who will love her unconditionally.

The shelter staff can’t believe that Spirit still hasn’t found her forever home. They’re sure that the sweet girl “would make a great addition” to any family.

We hope with our whole heart that Spirit will soon meet her parents who will hug her tightly and never let her go.

The precious pup can’t wait to cover her forever family in sweet kisses and give them all her love.