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Dog Signs Her Owners’ Marriage License With A Paw Print In Colorado

Dog Signs Her Owners’ Marriage License With A Paw Print In Colorado

Have you ever heard of a law, which allows you to have your dog sign your marriage license in Colorado? 

It sounds crazy, but it’s absolutely true!

Colorado is one of the few states that allow couples to self-solemnize or self-unite their marriage. This basically means that you can marry your partner without anyone having to officiate, or even without any guests, if that’s what you wish. 

So, if you’ve ever dreamed of having your furry friend play a role in your big day, Colorado offers you the perfect opportunity to make that dream a reality. Here’s how this couple did it…

‘Cece’ The Officiant 

When Kristy Biro and Eric Gaidis began organizing their wedding, they were certain that they wanted their beloved pup, ‘Cece,’ to be a part of the joyous celebration.

They just didn’t know how exactly. 

Well, that’s when they decided to tie the knot at the Maroon Bells, in Aspen, Colorado, the state that allows them to not only have Cece present, but also have her sign the marriage certificate.

In a video posted by their photographer, Felicia TeKolste, a five-year-old Golden Retriever/Great Pyrenees mix named ‘Cece’ can be seen stamping her owners’ marriage license with her paw print!

@feliciarenaephotography Did you know your dog can legally sign your marriage license in Colorado?!? Its true. No officiant necessary. This is due to the fact that Colorado allows self-solemnizing marriages, which essentially means that couples can get married without a third-party officiant or witness so couples can technically marry themselves because there’s no required witness signature on the marriage. Leaves the perfect opportunity to include your pup on your big day by having its paw print on your marriage license. . . . . #coloradohikes #coloradoelopement #peoplewhohike #optoutside #elopeincolorado #coloradoelopementphotographer #coloradoadventureelopement #coloradoelopement #coloradophotography #coloradoelopements #elopementphotographer #mountainwedding #coloradoweddingphotgrapher #pnwphotographer #washintonelopement #washingtonphotographer #washingtonelopementphotographer #washingtonweddingphotographer #maroonbellswedding #maroonbellswilderness ♬ My Home – Myles Smith

The 2022 bride told PEOPLE that they opted for a “destination wedding with 45 of their closest friends and family.” 

There was no officiant (except for Cece), so the couple asked their loved ones to help them during the ceremony. 

“Our ceremony combined our three favorite things: our closest friends and family, Cece and the mountains,” Biro said. “We always knew we wanted Cece to be a part of our wedding, and now we have our marriage certificate with her paw print to treasure forever.”

Cece had a pretty big role in their wedding, and she did it amazingly. 

Besides stamping their marriage license, Cece also ran down the aisle after her pawrents took their place, settling down peacefully next to the best man.

A Beautiful Memory 

Cece added an extra touch of magic to their wedding, but there was another element that held a special meaning for the couple.

“On the morning Eric proposed, we found out my dad’s cancer from a decade before made an unwelcoming reappearance. During our engagement, my dad had frequent doctors visits with numerous scans, went through a major surgery, and immunotherapy,” Kristy told Rocky Mountain Bride. 

Two months prior to the wedding, Kristy’s dad was so sick that he was unable to leave the house. 

Miraculously, during the week of their wedding, he felt better than he had throughout the entire summer, which enabled him to attend the ceremony. 

“He even surprised us during the ceremony with a heartfelt speech that concluded with him staying true to form and holding up a sign that said “It’s about Fn time!” for all to see. Fast-forward to the reception, we were able to have our father daughter dance, which I will remember forever,” Kristy said. 

It’s safe to say that their wedding was truly the best day of their lives.