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Rescue Dog Came Out Of His Shell After Taking A Day Trip Out From Shelter

Rescue Dog Came Out Of His Shell After Taking A Day Trip Out From Shelter

Even though shelter staff try their best to ensure that every animal in their care feels as good and as comfortable as possible, this isn’t the easiest thing to do.

The puppy of today’s story also had some trouble settling in. However, the staff did think of a very clever way for him to finally relax.

Anxious Doggo

pretty dog sitting on the grass
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Zappa, a 7-year-old pup, arrived at The Animal Foundation, Nevada, after being found alone and abandoned in a Las Vegas apartment.

His life at the Nevada shelter hasn’t been too pleasant as he had some issues getting used to all the noise from the kennels.

The shelter can be a strange and stressful place for most dogs and does not provide an accurate indication of how the dog will act in a home environment,” said Kelsey Pizzi from The Animal Foundation.

She also added that many pups look very sad, anxious, and depressed while in kennels, even though this isn’t their real personality.

But, even with these struggles, Zappa was immediately adored by the shelter staff who were amazed by his ears.

Our team couldn’t get enough of his ears, which didn’t quite fit his body.

dog with tongue out standing outdoor
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Day Out

But, the staff simply couldn’t stand the fact that such an adorable pup didn’t feel comfortable in their shelter. So, in order to make him feel better, they organized for Zappa to be taken out for a day by a foster carer.

They knew that this was that little push he needed in order for him to break out of his shell.

Foster field trips are a great way to give a dog a break from the shelter. It gives us a better representation of the dog’s true personality. That’s exactly what happened to Zappa. Once he was given a break from the shelter, his true personality began to shine.

dog in the nature
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Zappa’s trip was truly incredible, and it included a trip to Mount Charlton.

Luckily, his foster carer remembered to take lots of pictures, capturing a once shy Zappa transform into a happy and relaxed pup who is enjoying the great outdoors.

“Zappa did great in the car. He’s also a great hiking buddy. He’s full of energy but walks great on the leash and never pulls,” said Zappa’s foster carer.

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However, even after this incredible hike, the fun didn’t stop there. Since he was such a good boy, Zappa deserved a yummy treat.

After the hike, we needed a reward so we decided to get doggie ice cream. He got lots of pets from kids at the ice cream shop and he did amazing and was very patient.

Zappa also impressed his carer by being a very good listener and perfectly following basic commands. Well, sometimes he did take longer to roll over, hoping that he would get a few more belly rubs.

But hey, who can blame him?

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Forever Home

After returning to the shelter like a brand-new dog, Zappa was ready to put on his adorable smile and wow potential adopters walking by.

To no one’s surprise, a couple of months later, Zappa caught the eye of a woman named Tiffanie, who fell in love with him as soon as they met. As she immediately knew that this was her soul dog, Tiffanie adopted him.  

Now, Zappa and Tiffanie spend every day together, enjoying each other’s company, belly rubs, and the occasional ice cream date.