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15 Dog Shaming Photos Of Pups Caught Red-Handed

15 Dog Shaming Photos Of Pups Caught Red-Handed

We love our dogs to pieces, but there’s not much we can do when they do something wrong. 

Disciplining them doesn’t work all the time, and physical punishment is never an option.

So, what can a dog owner do to his dog after finding him chewing through house walls or destroying Christmas presents?

Write down the crime on a piece of paper and take a photo of your dog next to it… right in the crime scene, of course! 

These 15 bad bois and girls know they did something wrong, but they surely aren’t feeling guilty. Not even a little bit.

1. The Bad Aftertaste

dog shaming photo of a pup that ate silica gel
Photo from: @sharkybobarky

… and it did not taste good. Apparently, silica gel packets taste terrible. Orson, the bad boy from the photo, ate it accidentally. Luckily, he’s got the owner who knows how to react in such situations. After inducing vomiting, Orson was fine. 

Now, he won’t gobble up random things he finds on the ground, for sure.

2. A Hard Thing To Swallow

dog shaming photo of a dog that ate the door
Photo from: @christybarton1

Well, he looks darn proud of it. I guess Otis, the culprit from the photo, heard mommy talk about renovation. Being such a good boi, Otis wanted to help. 

He’s just into reno, mommy. I don’t think he’s got canine pica. 

3. It’s Not That Bad

dog shaming photo of a dog who ate poop bags
Photo from: @itssonicelhedgedog

He’s lucky those were brand new poop bags. Imagine if they were used… yuck! While it isn’t foreign for dogs to eat poop, it’s still a huge no.

Sonic, the Hedgedog, doesn’t seem to mind the chewy texture of the bags.

4. Well, He’s Right

Meet Griffin – a pup that doesn’t believe in labels. In fact, Griffin hates labeling so much that he even ate all of his mommy’s labels of products. Now, mommy can’t see if she’s opening a can of stew or dog food.

I’d say bad boy, but still… we shouldn’t trust in labels either.

5. Did The Jelly Jiggle?

dog being shamed for eating a diaper
Photo from: @soto.made

I really hope Pryna, the Golden girl from the photo, ate a brand new diaper. I don’t wanna know if it wasn’t clean. 

Still, I do wanna know if the jelly jiggled. 

6. Indoor Tree, Outdoor Tree Difference

dog being shamed for pooping on the christmas tree
Photo from: @morrisseythechi

Oh, potato-potato! It’s the same. Why bring in a tree when a dog can’t mark it? Morrisey, the Chihuahua, isn’t against Christmas. He just wants to mark his territory.

7. Oh, He’s A Menace!

dog that was kicked out of daycare
Photo from: @pawtography_perth

What could this sweet face possibly do to deserve being kicked out of doggy care? I don’t believe it. They have something against him. Look at that face! That’s the face of an angel.

8. A Big Chocolate Lover

dog accused of eating chocolate
Photo from: @sherpatat

I can’t blame this Puggle. Chocolate’s an addiction for me, too. But, there are certain things that are strictly off limits for dogs. Sure, let them chew on carpets, doors, slippers… but chocolate can actually kill our four-legged buddies! 

It gets pretty rough around Christmas time. The chance of dogs swallowing chocolate increases by four times.

9. Drama Queen

dog shaming picture of a german shepherd
Photo from: Pinterest

Now, that’s a tantrum like no other! Still, I’m not surprised given the fact of how smart German Shepherds are. 

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10. The Dynamic Duo

dog shaming photo of two beagles
Photo from: Pinterest

One of them is super brave, while the other is smart. I’d say they will need to hire a lawyer permanently. 

11. The Grinch Who Stole The Christmas Ham

Dog shamed for eating the entire leg of ham
Photo from: Pinterest

Guess Christmas lunch was ruined that year.

12. Let The Festivities Begin

dalmatian dog being shamed
Photo from: Pinterest

Can you blame him? You should hide your Christmas present better! I don’t blame this Great Dane. Okay, maybe he shouldn’t have eaten a Ralph Lauren coat. 

13. What A Weirdo

Dog shaming of a pup who begs for food
Photo from: Pinterest

Oh, it’s the things that kill us that we want the most. 

14. Mooning The Neighbors

dog shamed for mooning her owner
Photo from: Pinterest

This girl’s worst nightmare just came true: being naked in public. Guess the dog was all about facing our fears.

15. Feeling Blue

dog shamed for eating blue polish
Photo from: Pinterest

I’ve heard of different dog poop colors. But, blue? Did it glow in the dark?
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