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Abandoned Dog Saved From Euthanasia At The Last Minute Now Lives A Whole New Life

Abandoned Dog Saved From Euthanasia At The Last Minute Now Lives A Whole New Life

There are quite a few instances of people adopting dogs and then surrendering them after they realize it’s not what they want.

I mean, who knows what they expected from them in the first place? It could be that they wanted a guard dog, a shepherd, or something else entirely. 

Either way, when their expectations are not met, they resort to abandoning the pups that formed an emotional bond with them, and it, in turn, leads to them becoming seriously depressed.

In this story, we will talk about a sweet dog who was abandoned by his owner and left in an animal shelter in California.

Meet Bams

sad dog abandoned in shelter
Source: YouTube

When Bams was first surrendered to a shelter, he just seemed so frightened, almost like he realized what it meant for him.

The harsh truth was that this dog was set to be euthanized. Nai’a, one of his rescuers, told The Dodo: When a dog is that shut down, they don’t allow them to be there for very long.

It was there and then when she realized that they needed to save her from that cruel fate.

After they took him away from the shelter, his mood changed dramatically. He just wouldn’t stop hugging people and cuddling with them. It was just really wholesome.

dog walking
Source: YouTube

Nai’a chose to foster him and be there as long as it took for him to find a new home.

Even though he was very happy to be with her, it still took a while for him to get over his fears, as being in a new environment can be a bit overwhelming for dogs.

Bams’ New Companion

smiling woman taking picture with dog
Source: YouTube

After a while, Bams seemed to enjoy taking hikes and exploring the new environment that now made her very happy.

Nai’a said: There was a chance that he would get adopted by someone in LA, but my best friend is a super athlete. I basically told him that I found his dog.

When Nate first saw the dog, he realized that they were just meant for each other. The two of them were just very compatible.

Even when he was still living with him in Oregon, Nate noticed that Bams seemed really fearful of things, like seeing a deer.

dog licking mans face
Source: YouTube

The more notable example was when it snowed and the dog didn’t know what that was or how to react to it.

Nate said: The first time I took him out to the snow, he was very hesitant. Then, suddenly, he realized that the snow is awesome.

The two love spending time together in any way that they can, whether it’s exploring the great outdoors or just cuddling and napping on a couch.

In the end, he said: He reminds me every day that animals are just so resilient. They just need a chance.

And, that is really the truth. I am so glad that Bams found his forever home with such an amazing person, and I wish them the best on their new exploration adventures together.