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Heartbroken Dog Saved At The Brink Of His Life Is A Brand New Pup Now 

Heartbroken Dog Saved At The Brink Of His Life Is A Brand New Pup Now 

Yoda’s story is not an easy one, but luckily, it has at least a happy ending. 

This poor dog has suffered so much throughout his life, almost giving up at one point, but just like the light at the end of a tunnel, his rescuers showed up to offer him a second chance. 

Yoda was rescued by The Caremelo Institute – an organization working toward the rescue of injured and at-risk animals, their recovery, and finally adoption. 

When Yoda was found on the street, he was in so much pain that he couldn’t even open his eyes. 

Yoda, The Warrior 

very old dog
Source: Instagram

Yoda was found in horrible condition, causing him so much pain, yet when he was approached by his rescuers, he found the strength to wag his tail. 

Deep down, he was desperate for a bit of love, despite the enormous pain. 

With tears in their eyes, Yoda’s rescuers rushed him to the veterinary clinic, where he was diagnosed with sarcoptic mange, general alopecia, lethargy, and malnourishment. 

He had a long and extensive journey to recovery ahead of him. 

“Yoda won hearts the day he was rescued, and has since been undergoing intensive care for his recovery. Therapeutic baths, echocardiogram, ultrasound, exams, and pain management medication are part of your daily routine,” the rescue wrote in their Instagram post

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While Yoda was in a hospital receiving medical care, his story caught the eyes of one kind-hearted person who decided to become his godfather and pay for his care. 

That same person would end up adopting Yoda upon his recovery. 

“What made me want to adopt him was the moment of rescue. In the condition he was in, very thin, full of scabies, and with his eyes closed due to another illness, he got up and started wagging his tail at whoever was coming to take him off the street,” Mauro, Yoda’s dad, told Bored Panda

With the help of many medications, Yoda slowly started feeling better. His skin condition improved so much, and he was finally able to open his beautiful eyes and see the new life waiting for him. 

Yoda’s New Life

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When Yoda was finally discharged from the hospital, he was also officially adopted by Mauro and his lovely family. 

Mauro commented on the adoption process: “I wouldn’t say it was difficult, it was a professional selection process. I found it very appropriate, as it reduces the chance of returns and also of adoption due to impulsiveness and emotion.”

Yoda now lives with Mauro, his wife, Ana, their nine-year-old daughter, and two other dogs. 

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“We have an American bully like him, but female and they get along really well. We have a French bulldog, who is more jealous, but now they are even playing together,” Mauro said. 

They are an experienced dog family who have always had dogs all their life, so they know exactly how to take care of one. 

According to them, Yoda is super calm and docile and gets along with other dogs really well. He’s truly enjoying his new life – the old life full of desperation and pain hopefully being long forgotten. 

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Yoda’s story is a true example of what a little bit of love and care can do because his transformation is incredible. 

Hope you’ll have many more years of your fairy-tale ending, beautiful boy.