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Abused Pregnant Dog Requires Surgery In Order To Save Her Puppies

Abused Pregnant Dog Requires Surgery In Order To Save Her Puppies

Roma is an adorable pup who faced a very difficult situation. While being super pregnant, she was beaten and kicked out of the house by her owner.

Scared and not knowing what to do, she decided to stay in front of the house and cry at the door, hoping that the owner would take her back in. However, the owner did not respond.

Luckily, a kind soul heard her cries and took her in instead. Seeing that this pup was about to give birth any second, the Good Samaritan knew that the best course of action would be to take her to the vet.

At The Vet

pregnant dog
Source: YouTube

After a very thorough examination by the vet, she found out that she had seven puppies in her belly.

The vet also discovered that Roma’s eyes were severely damaged, and because she was so weak, it would not be safe for her to give birth on her own.

puppy with man
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It was determined that the safest option for this pup and her puppies would be a surgical C-section.  

Staying at the vet, Roma was put in a comfortable bed, fed, and prepared for her surgery.

The surgery was a success!

puppies on bed
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All seven of her puppies were safely brought into the world!

Unfortunately, after their examination, it was determined that the puppies had some trouble breathing, so they needed to be kept under constant observation.

But, being so strong and determined, something they got from their mother, after 18 days, the pups recovered from their respiratory issues and were growing up big and strong.

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Thirty days after they were born, the puppies were able to receive their first round of vaccinations. And, after two months, all seven of them managed to find loving forever homes.

Roma, despite her traumatizing past, remained a sweet and adorable pup who loved showing affection to anybody she met.

After her C-section, Roma was on the surgical table once again in order to repair her eyesight.

Luckily, this surgery was a success as well and Roma was able to see perfectly again.

dog on the straw
Source: YouTube

190 days after being rescued from an abusive owner, Roma found herself in a house with a family that absolutely adored her.

She no longer had to worry about having a roof over her head, as she was finally living the life she deserved all along.

Stop Dog Abuse

An animal that is considered to be man’s best friend deserves nothing but love, care, and compassion.

Unfortunately, in today’s day, there are too many instances of dog abuse, and it is of great importance that it is addressed in order to finally stop it.

That is why collective effort is important. By constantly addressing and raising awareness as well as implementing preventive measures, together, we can create an environment in which every dog is treated with the respect and love they deserve.

So, let us unite and do everything to protect our four-legged friends the same way they do everything they can just to bring a smile to our faces.