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Mistreated Dog Stays At Shelter For 450 Days As ‘Evidence Of Animal Abuse’

Mistreated Dog Stays At Shelter For 450 Days As ‘Evidence Of Animal Abuse’

Countless dogs around the world are unfortunately victims of neglectful or abusive families that leave them scared for years.

Thankfully, there are good humans out there who dedicate their lives to helping and saving such dogs, taking them out of harm’s way and providing them with a loving home which they deserve from the start.

This is exactly what happened to an Arkansan’s dog who, after spending most of his life with abusive owners and inside of a shelter, finally started living life to the fullest.  

Meet Neo

happy woman holding a dog
Source: Ali Paepke

Neo is an adorably sweet pup with a heartbreaking story.

When he finally got rescued from his abusive family, he was brought into the North Little Rock shelter in Arkansas.

“Let’s just say, people failed him a lot before he ended up at the shelter. When animals come to shelters on cruelty cases, they are considered evidence and cannot leave,” wrote Ali Paepke in a Facebook post.  

Being considered as evidence, Neo was forced to remain at the shelter for the next 450 days!

But, when it was his time to go, the shelter staff knew that they would need some help finding him a home. That is why they contacted Ali Paepke, a program manager at Best Friends Pet Resource Center.

New Beginning

In the beginning, Ali wasn’t really sure if she could even help Neo.

“When you hear about those dogs who have been locked up or pet up for so long, they can have behavior issues. It can be really hard to rehabilitate them, especially if they are in there and have been in there that long because of abuse,” Ali told KENS 5.

However, Ali remained hopeful and decided to visit Neo anyway. And, she was so glad she did.

Ali was blown away by how a dog who went through so much could be so playful, caring, and affectionate.  

As he was such an incredible dog, finding him a foster home was a piece of cake, and Neo couldn’t be happier.

strong man holding a dog
Source: Ali Paepke

Spending some time with his foster family made Neo remember just how kind humans can be. And, in just a few weeks, Neo was more than ready for a forever home.

Forever Home

As soon as a woman named Linda Songbird heard about Neo and his story, she knew she had to meet him.

After locking her eyes with him for the first time, Linda knew that Neo was the pup for her. In just a couple of days, she adopted him.

“Oh, he’s just great companionship. And to know that there is one less animal that is being abused, that has got a good home and is happy makes your life worthwhile,” stated Linda.

happy dog and woman sitting on the bench
Source: Ali Paepke

Neo is finally living the life of every dog’s dreams. He has a warm home where he spends his time with a hooman who absolutely adores him.

Filling his days with fun playdates, long naps, and yummy food, Neo truly is the happiest dog ever.