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This Neglected Puppy Mill Dog Rejoiced When He Finally Finds His New Family

This Neglected Puppy Mill Dog Rejoiced When He Finally Finds His New Family

There is nothing more depressing than seeing a dog who is simply used for breeding and then abandoned by careless owners. It’s such a cruel thing to do.

In most instances, many of these pups suffer psychological trauma after being neglected, and they end up in a severely distressed state over abandonment.

For this story, we will talk about a sweet puppy mill dog who was suffering for a long time until one fateful day.

Jordan’s Traumatic Past

puppy walking through door
Source: The Dodo

When Jordan was first saved from his neglectful owner, it was thanks to Releash Atlanta, who were trying to save as many dogs as they could, from Georgia Puppy Mills.

His foster mom, Melissa, took him in and decided to help him recover from his trauma. At first, it was difficult.

He did not even know how to behave properly. Stairs, couches, and grass were all completely new to him, as he spent most of his time in a cage.

puppy getting a treat
Source: The Dodo

There was so much he needed to learn, and Melissa was ready to help him deal with all of it at his own pace.

Even though he was making amazing progress as time went on, Melissa felt that it was time to find him a forever home.

Jordan’s New Parents

woman holding a puppy
Source: The Dodo

She told The Dodo: “Jordan is going to find his forever home today. Ann and Kinney are the perfect adopters for Jordan.

Their daughter saw this poor dog’s story and told her parents that they needed to help him. So, they went to adopt him.

The couple arrived at Melissa’s house in Atlanta and finally met Jordan. Even though he was a bit skittish at first, he was happy to see his new parents and his new dog sibling, Bella.

When they took Jordan to his forever home, his mood had changed significantly. 

His mom, Ann, said: “Jordan was so excited, he ran round into every room and smelling everything, just looking at where he’s gonna be living from now on.

photo of an older man with the puppy
Source: The Dodo

After about a month of living with his new owners, Jordan was completely unrecognizable. Not only was he more lively, he was no longer afraid of other people.

He has made such amazing progress since he was adopted, and he just loves being with his new family. 

I am so glad to see just how much effort is being put into rescuing puppy mill dogs and giving them a new chance at life. The rescuers at Releash Atlanta are truly amazing people.