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Dog Rediscovers Love Again After Losing Her Owner, Now She’s The Sweetest ‘Therapist’

Dog Rediscovers Love Again After Losing Her Owner, Now She’s The Sweetest ‘Therapist’

Isn’t it just wonderful to see a broken dog blossom?

It’s their strength to weather all the storms and rise after all the bad days that makes our hearts warm. 

Shanti’s story is just like that! 

After her beloved owner couldn’t take care of her due to terminal illness, this wonderful Bully girl found herself all alone. Her journey was a long one, filled with ups and downs, but eventually, she found the home that was just perfect for her!

Now, she’s not only thriving but making everyone wonder if she’s really a dog or a hooman!

It Was A Long Journey, But She Made It

A Washington rescue took this girl in after her owner was forced to give her up. It was a heartbreaking goodbye that led Shanti to probably one of the hardest periods of her life.

She never adjusted to life in a shelter behind those kennel bars. Everyone overlooked her, and she had no interest in socializing. She just completely shut down.

“They found her at the very back of the rescue. She’d been there for a couple of months and she had not had much interest. So it wasn’t like she was being shown in front. She was pretty much like the one that was getting ignored in the back,” Norma told GeoBeats Animals.

When Norma and Dan, the couple from Seattle, Washington, heard Shanti’s story, they didn’t think twice. They immediately rushed to pick her up, only to discover later that this girl was much more than a rescue.

Shanti was already a mom once, even though she wasn’t even a year old. She was extremely skinny and needed a proper nutrition plan, but most of all, she needed love!

Luckily, her new family had all that!

Alongside her two other siblings, Bubba and Zoey, Shanti soon rediscovered the true meaning of love. Her new family embraced her with an open heart, and she finally felt like a little princess again.

For days, all she wanted to do was do zoomies in her new beach house backyard and hold her hoomans’ hands whenever she wanted to cuddle and be next to them.

It was something about that little ritual that made Shanti at peace, and her owners loved it! She was like a small baby girl craving attention from her parents!

She Understands Everyone And Everything

Shanti is no ordinary dog, that’s for sure!

This rescue girl has the ultimate talent, and that’s reading the people so well

“She reads me very well. One time I was sitting on the sofa, I was having a bad day and I was crying, she comes over to me and licks my tears off my face and puts her little paw on my shoulder, like to tell me that she feels me,” says Norma.

In a way, it’s as if she completely understands human emotions! When times are tough, Shanti is there to provide comfort. She’s her family’s little therapist!

“There’s something about her that makes her almost human,” adds Norma.

Norma and Dan love to call her a little lion due to her yellow, golden eyes. She has an adorable, deep look that makes people fall in love with her instantly. 

One thing is for sure – Shanti was born to make everyone around her happier. And with her new family, she finds the ultimate joy. It is safe to say that today, Shanti is a brand-new dog.

After all the hardship she had endured in the past, she’s finally in the right place – with the right people!