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Dog Realizes He Is Too Chubby After Getting Stuck In The Doggy Door

Dog Realizes He Is Too Chubby After Getting Stuck In The Doggy Door

Having owned a dog myself, one constant concern was his eating habit. I was always thinking if he was getting enough food, or too little. I was always scared that he was hungry.

However, now that I reflect upon it, I think I did a pretty good job, and I should not compare myself to anyone in that aspect.

While my German Shepherd was always a healthy weight, some like to eat a little bit more and don’t care if they get a bit fat.

In this story, we will talk about a very big dog who got so chubby he could no longer fit through his doggy door.

Drax’s Transformation

Before Drax was first adopted by his family, he had a very difficult life, as he was living a stray life on the streets where food was scarce.

He never knew when his next meal would be, or if he would even make it through the day, but it never stopped him. He kept pushing on until one day, his luck changed for the better.

A woman spotted him outside a supermarket and took pity on him, so she decided to take him home and help him regain his strength.

Her sister, Charmaine Hulley, who was staying with them at the time, chose to adopt this sweet dog and give him a new chance.

At first, he was too hesitant to interact with anyone, likely due to being mistreated for most of his life.

Hulley wasted no time. She made sure to take care of his physical and mental health by giving him lots of food, cuddles, and kisses.

And, after a while, they noticed improvement in his attitude. He started perking up a bit and began to enjoy being around people a lot more.

Drax Is Getting A Bit Too Chubby

Soon, however, Hulley would move into her new home and bring Drax with her. He was living his life to the fullest, and his mom was happy to help him in any way she could.

Unbeknownst to them, this was becoming a small problem for Drax, as Hulley had decided to spend some time with her mom, and Taylor was in charge of taking care of the dog.

Due to working long hours, he fed Drax when he could, but this was an issue, as he was getting a bit too chubby.

Taylor and Drew would go on to visit Hulley, and he was just over the moon to see his mom again and play with his adoptive siblings.

During their stay there, something funny happened. While playing, Drax tried to go through the doggy door and outside the house; however, he got stuck in it and ripped it from the wall.

He ended up walking with the doggy door still on him. His family would, of course, help him get unstuck, but they knew it was time for Drax to go on a diet.

His family is just glad that he is okay and he is doing a lot better now. 

In the end, this story just goes to show us that you can have too much of a good thing, and that it’s better to be moderate about everything.

Drax has gone through a lot in his life… good and bad, so a small diet surely won’t be a big problem for him.