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Smart Dog Races To Daycare To Ask For Help After Her Owner’s Car Accident 

Smart Dog Races To Daycare To Ask For Help After Her Owner’s Car Accident 

Aries is a smart three-year-old Pitbull mix dog who, after getting into a car accident with her owner, knew exactly where to go and who to ask for help. 

Melissa Fickel, from Detroit, adopted Aries more than three years ago, when, after fostering animals for so long, she realized that she wanted a forever friend of her own. 

Ever since, the two have been inseparable, spending every hour of the day together. 

On the day of the accident, the two were on their way to the park when another car ran into Melissa. 

Quick-Thinking Aries Looking For Help

dog went for help
Source: WXYZ Detroit

No one was injured in the accident and the damage was pretty minor, but Aries got spooked and quickly jumped out of the car, running away. 

“I had the windows down because Aries likes to hang her head out and as soon as there was that smack, as soon as I felt and heard it, almost instantaneously, she was out of the window,” Melissa told local television station WXYZ Detroit

Melissa had to stay at the site of the accident to deal with the police and insurance, but she was deeply worried about Aries. “I can’t really think about it because so many things could’ve happened,” Melissa said. 

Aries could have run into traffic or some other danger, but thankfully, she was very smart and knew exactly where to go. 

dog came to daycare
Source: WXYZ Detroit

About a mile down the road was a place Aries frequently visited and she obviously felt safe enough to go ask for help. 

Aries ran to Hounds Town – Detroit Metro doggy daycare. The owner of the daycare, Travis Ogden, immediately recognized Aries as one of their clients and provided her shelter, noticing that she was scared. 

Safe At The Daycare 

dog spotted on security cameras
Source: WXYZ Detroit

Aries showed up at the doggy daycare around noon, just when the employees were taking a little break. 

While they were in the front lobby, a black blur outside of their front door caught their eye.

On the surveillance video of the daycare, you can clearly see little Aries running straight to the front door, jumping up and down, and trying to get inside. 

When one of the employees walked out, he saw a dog standing right outside the front door, a little scared and panting.

Fortunately, the owner recognized Aries. “She was like, ‘this is where I go and this is where I stay.’ She just seemed like she knew what to do,” Ogden told WXYZ. 

Aries probably picked up the building’s scent and ran there because she felt safe at her daycare. 

dog at daycare
Source: WXYZ Detroit

She was freaked out in the beginning, but calmed down quickly. While Melissa was still worrying about her furry friend, she received a call from Ogden. 

“Luckily then he called me and said ‘she’s here’, and I literally sank to the ground,” Melissa said, evidently relieved that her companion was safe and sound. 

So many things could have gone wrong, but thankfully, Aries is one smart dog who knows how to keep herself and her owner safe. 

The two were shortly-after reunited, and according to Melissa, Aries is back to her old self and loving car rides.