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80-Pound Dog Overlooked For More Than 200 Days Because ‘He’s Scary And Intimidating’

80-Pound Dog Overlooked For More Than 200 Days Because ‘He’s Scary And Intimidating’

If shelter dogs could speak, I bet the one thing they’d have to say to all those people coming in would be – “Hey, I’m just a goofy kid ready to be your lifelong companion!”

Or, “Please don’t be afraid… all I’m looking for is a friend.”

For many, unfortunately, their exterior is the only thing that speaks for them… as it speaks for one Connecticut Pittie named Biggie. Due to his cropped ears and the fact that he’s an 80-pound boi, Biggie spent more than 200 days waiting for the perfect home.

Sadly, that day still hasen’t come.

From Happy To Depressed In Just A Few Months

Before he arrived at Dan Cosgrove Animal Shelter, in Branford, Connecticut, Biggie spent his days in a few different shelters. Despite his sad destiny, he has never lacked hope or enthusiasm.

But, as time passed, his situation took an unexpected turn

In just a few short months, Biggie became one of the most overlooked dogs – because of his exterior. His tough-looking body and cropped ears have made him undesirable for many people coming in and looking for a dog to adopt.

“Someone came to the shelter the other day and said we are looking for a happy go lucky pit bull and we said oh gosh you have to go see Biggie! And they said yeah we did but his ears are scary,” the rescue wrote in a Facebook post.

According to the director, Laura, and the rest of the team, Biggie was one of the dogs that always ran to the front to greet everyone. And, now, he’s getting really depressed.

“Biggie is getting depressed now and doesn’t get up when you go back into the dog room. We are really hoping to find someone to put the waggle back into him,” his caregivers wrote.

Whenever he comes back from day trips or walks, he always seems completely shut down, knowing that he’s about to enter his kennel. He is slowly starting to lose hope that someone eventually would come for him. 

There’s Still Hope

In his more than 200 days at the shelter, Biggie has been everything but scary!

He’s just the biggest lovebug that loves to cuddle all the time. According to the team, he also loves hiking and taking car rides. But, beware hoomans, as during his “little trips,” the pup cup ritual is a must!

Even though he’s a big guy, he prefers doing low-key activities with people of all ages. He’s met many kids so far, as well as other dogs and cats.

Still, the shelter considers that the ideal environment for Biggie would be a home where he could be the only pet. That way, he would get the chance to decompress and take on a new life with no pressure.

The staff urges people to share Biggie’s story as much as they can. 

Only this way can they raise awareness about overlooked shelter dogs like Biggie, and potentially find someone who would not shy away from adopting a dog that doesn’t look “attractive” at first.

When given an opportunity, I’m absolutely pawsitive that Biggie would make an excellent companion! 
Before he switched to his depressive mode, he was a goofy, active, and affectionate dog – and with proper care, there’s no doubt that he’ll come back to being all that again in no time.

For now, all he needs is a chance. And, just a little bit of patience!