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Dog Severely Neglected For Almost 15 Years Gets To Live His Final Days As A King

Dog Severely Neglected For Almost 15 Years Gets To Live His Final Days As A King

Dogs are truly the greatest companions in the world.

Even after enduring the most challenging experiences, they still have the strength to forgive and transform into the sweetest lovebugs.

Max, the California pup, is exhibit A!

After spending an unbelievable fifteen years outside, constantly neglected and abused by his owners, he never lost the ability to channel his inner beauty and dazzle everyone with his kindness.

As a reward for such a great spirit, Max finally got to live his best days in the very autumn of life.

He Chose Love And Forgiveness

The giant-hearted team of The Animal Rescue Mission in Los Angeles, California, saved Max at the very last moment. This sweet boi lived in terrible conditions, and he was severely emaciated when they first found him.

“Before we rescued Max, he had been neglected and severely abused for fifteen years,” The Animal Rescue Mission wrote on Facebook.

He had the cutest smile on his face when they approached him in his backyard as if he somehow knew that from now on, everything would be fine.

Max had every right to hate and to be aggressive. But, he wasn’t! Instead, he chose to live peacefully, with only one wish – to find a family that would provide him with the best life.

“He had every right to hate people for what they did to him. But instead, he chose love and forgiveness over hate and resentment. He is now experiencing the life he always should have had by joyfully soaking up all the hugs and non stop kisses and cuddles from his foster mom,” the rescue added.

Max was incredibly happy once he realized that he was finally going to have a better life. He constantly showered everyone with cuddles and kisses, but most of all, he never took a smile off his face

The Unbreakable Spirit

Placed with Debbie, his first foster mom, Max finally got everything he had ever dreamed about – a loving hooman, delicious meals, sunbathing in his favorite spot outside the house, and a comfy bed! 

Sadly, his rescuers got confirmation from the vet that Max had a limited time in this world. He was diagnosed with cancer, and the team gave him only eight to nine months to live at best. 

“He just had another oncologist appt and their guess is he has max 8-9 months left. Though I’m convinced he’ll outlive us all with his spirit,” TARM wrote on Facebook.

But even that didn’t stop this resilient boy from having the time of his life.

When he was placed with Maria, his second foster, Max made sure to seize every opportunity to enjoy himself.

He went on walks with his momma, took wonderful baths, and even got to choose between multiple cozy beds! 

He got everything he ever wanted and more. Max was truly the king of his new home, and his rescuers couldn’t be more grateful to be able to provide him with all of the things he wanted. 

Despite the fact that he was a hospice patient, it is safe to say that, for the first time ever, Max was truly happy. 

Run Free With The Stars, Baby Boy

Sadly, a couple of months after arriving in his second foster home, Max crossed the rainbow bridge. His body could no longer endure all the pain, and this sweet boi left this world surrounded by the most wonderful family.

“I am honored to have been your foster mama if only for a short 2 months… Run free with the stars, baby boy,” Maria wrote in her Instagram goodbye message.

He left a huge void in Maria’s life, but she and the entire team of Max’s rescuers were incredibly thankful for having him around, if only for a short while.

One thing is for sure – Max’s memory will keep on living, and his beautiful smile will definitely not be forgotten!

Rest in peace, sweet boi.