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A Dog Missing For Three Years Is Finally Reunited With Her Family

A Dog Missing For Three Years Is Finally Reunited With Her Family

Our pets are an integral part of our family, and it should be no different. Because of this, we tend to bond with them just like we do with our loved ones, if not stronger and deeper.

That is why it is always difficult and painful for us, and even more so for the dog, when we are separated from them for any reason.

One of the reasons is that the dog, carried away by its search instinct, simply gets lost and does not know how to return home. 

This is exactly what happened to Theresa Hobson and her family, followed by 3 long and difficult years of separation.

However, they did not lose hope even in the most difficult moments…

Everyone Wanted To Help The Pup

A dog named Ella suddenly found herself in an unknown place. Although she desperately wanted to see her mom, Theresa, and the rest of the family, it all seemed like a distant dream.

After wandering for a long time, she found a place near a building where the Butler Toyota company was headquartered in Indianapolis, IN.

The people who worked there quickly saw her and immediately noticed that she was lost and sad, so they wanted to help her.

“Everyone wanted to help it so we put food out there but it wouldn’t want to come close,” said one of the employees of the company. 

They didn’t know where this dog came from and what his story was. But, it was to be expected that Ella would behave like this, given that she suddenly found herself on the street far from the love her family had previously showered her with.

However, that didn’t stop the employees who came to work there every day from helping this lost dog in every way possible. So, for nearly 3 years, they brought her food every day, which made it easier for her to stay in front of their company.

Her Family Never Lost Hope

Ella’s family, who was without her, was very sad, and they had no idea that someone was there to take care of their beloved dog.

However, Theresa never lost hope that her dog was alive.

Throughout the bitter-cold winter months, she’d place food outside, nurturing the faint hope that one evening, she might see Ella’s familiar face waiting at the front door.

“Every time I set out the food, my heart would hold onto the hope that she might be out there, and she would find her way back home,” Theresa confessed. “The thought of her braving the cold winter nights alone was heart-wrenching.”

When after three years, she began to lose hope, hope again showed that it dies last. Six miles away from home, her fur ball of joy was finally found. 

The Most Joyful Moment Of Reunion

The turning point for Ella and her family came when the Humane Society for Hamilton County got involved. 

With the help of Friends of Indianapolis Dogs Outside – FIDO, they were finally able to capture poor Ella. 

The simple procedure of checking for a microchip held the key to the reunion Theresa had been longing for. 

On Saturday morning, after she had been contacted by the Humane Society, Ella traveled from her home in Indianapolis to the headquarters of the organization. 

It was a moment of pure joy and happiness that can not be explained by words. After so many desperate years, a relationship that never broke had finally reached its peak and it has never been stronger.

Ella was finally coming home and there, those whose hearts had been empty for the last three years were waiting for her with open arms.

“It’s just so hard to believe,” Theresa said, “Three years is such a long time…”

As hard as it is to believe, dreams did come true this time. Ella and Theresa, as well as the whole family finally lived them.