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This Dog May Not Be So Smart But He More Than Makes Up For It By Making Everyone Laugh

This Dog May Not Be So Smart But He More Than Makes Up For It By Making Everyone Laugh

When adopting dogs, one thing you certainly can’t account for right away is what kind of personality they have.

I mean, sure… you can deduce a few things based on their behavior, but it usually takes time before you truly get to know them.

However, in some rare instances, the pups will immediately accept their new owners and will make sure you know they are there for you. 

Living with these types of dogs is usually very hilarious, and today, we will talk about one such dog who was given a new chance and used it to live his life to the fullest.

Duncan’s Backstory

brown dog sitting
Source: Youtube

When Duncan’s owner lost her first dog due to an illness, she was very cautious about adopting another one and made a conscious decision not to.

However, when she met Duncan for the first time in a shelter in Chicago, something about his eyes said that he wanted to be with her.

So, she decided to adopt him and give him a chance. The staff at the shelter said that he was found as a stray and likely didn’t have anyone.

However, some had a theory that he used to have an owner who mistreated and abused dogs, but they could never confirm that.

After taking him into her home, she realized that he had a very vibrant personality and was unlike anyone she had ever seen.

dog on the snow
Source: Youtube

For starters, she noticed that he would try to eat rain and snow. It was just really hilarious.

She told GeoBeats Animals: “When he first started, he would just hop up on his hind legs and kind of lunge and bite at things. But now he growls and barks.

Among other things, he has a very funny way of drinking out of a water fountain. Duncan also displays a strong inability to catch treats thrown at him by his owners.

However, the one thing that is just really hilarious is when he decides to fight his own tail. 

For some reason, he considers it an enemy and spends a long time trying to catch it, but always fails.

Duncan’s New Friend

dog sleeping with cat
Source: Youtube

Ever since moving into the Chicago suburbs, there has been plenty of construction going around, and Duncan’s owner noticed that he just really likes going around and saying hi to all of the workers.

Despite many of his hilarious habits, his owner noticed that he is very good at maintaining habits and always knows what to do. It made her see Duncan in a whole new light.

However, a lot of things changed when Duncan was introduced to his new friend. It was a cat named Coco.

The two get along great, and it surprised their owner as she noticed that Duncan did not like any other dog, but seemed to love cats.

beautiful brown dog at home
Source: Youtube

Even when their previous cat passed away, he was seriously affected by this and would not get out of the bathtub for a while.

However, now that he has met Coco, everything has changed. The two are inseparable and will play all the time, but they never mess with each other’s toys.

Their owner said: For a dog that doesn’t like dogs, the way he loves her is just beautiful.

One of their favorite activities, however, is napping, and they always enjoy every minute of it.

Duncan has really changed everything for his owner. It really shows how much dogs can influence our lives and always remain a positive role model with their behavior.