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A Struggling Dog Makes An Amazing Recovery After Being Rescued By A Kind Person

A Struggling Dog Makes An Amazing Recovery After Being Rescued By A Kind Person

It truly breaks my heart when I see the conditions some animals are forced to live in.

Not only do they have to fight for scraps to survive or look for shelters to spend the night in, but they also have no hooman to show them love and appreciation.

Luckily, there are numerous organizations and individuals who dedicate their lives in order to save such animals, and take them somewhere safe so that they no longer have to worry about anything bad happening to them ever again.

This is exactly what happened to a pup named Mila, who had a pretty hard life that was turned upside down when a kind hooman offered her a helping hand.

Finally Safe

dog lying on its back
Source: The Moho

Mila was only six weeks old when she was found and saved from a ditch.

When she arrived at the shelter, the staff wasn’t really sure if she was going to make it. But nevertheless, the incredible hoomans did not give up on her.

Poor Mila wasn’t able to move her body at all. All she could do was cry her little heart away, hoping that somebody would be able to help her.

The shelter staff decided to take her to the vet for round-the-clock care.

woman carrying dog wrapped in a blanket
Source: The Moho

The vets immediately gave her a thorough checkup and ended up finding a parasite infestation that was making little Mila anemic.

In order to treat her anemia, she was given a blood transfusion.

Since she had some issues with her vision as well as her coordination, the vets suspected that this poor pup had sustained some sort of head trauma.

vet examining the dog
Source: The Moho

Luckily, Mila is a very strong pup who was responding well to her treatment, regulating her body temperature, and even starting to move again.

After spending just five days at the vet, Mila was taken to a real home in Maryland in order to properly recover.


Finally finding out what it feels like to be loved, Mila was determined to make a full recovery.

After only spending seven days at her foster home in Maryland, this little pup was even starting to walk again!

Even though she was going to her doctor’s exams regularly, Mila also had a cuddly doctor at home – her adoptive dog mom, Sasha.

dog and puppy lying next to each other
Source: The Moho

Two weeks after arriving at her temporary family, Mila had an appointment with the neurologist who had some very good news.  

After determining that Mila had some damage to the back right side of her cerebellum (the reason why she had problems with her balance) and that she was most likely completely blind in one eye, the neurologist said that this beautiful girl would be able to have a completely functional life.

Fifty days after she had been rescued, little Mila was able to walk again!

dog playing in grass
Source: The Moho

Her new favorite activity is to hop around all over the place, especially when she is excited about something.

Mila’s new task was to learn how to eat hard food and pick up things using her mouth. And, being such a smart girl, she got this trick down in no time.

New Life

One year after she had been found, Mila made an incredible recovery.

Even though she is partially blind and deaf, and has some neurological impairments, this strong-minded girl decided that nothing would stop her from living her life.

dog lying in dog bed
Source: The Moho

Mila is now spending her life pacing around nature, swimming in pools, and living with the best people ever who constantly remind her what an incredible girl she is.

Thank you to every hooman who participated in ensuring that this girl lives the life of her dreams. You guys are true heroes!