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Dog Makes A Mess On The Owner’s Bed And The Reason Why Is So Heartwarming

Dog Makes A Mess On The Owner’s Bed And The Reason Why Is So Heartwarming

Many believe that by making your bed first thing in the morning, you are setting yourself up for a very successful day.

A woman by the name of Sophie Gallagher made it her routine to make her bed as soon as she woke up, thinking she would have it nice and tidy throughout the entirety of the day.

However, she started noticing that it would suddenly become unmade during the day – the cover would be all messed up, and the pillows would be all over the place.  

But, it didn’t take her too long to realize what was truly going on.

The Cutest Culprit

dog lying behind pillows
Source: TikTok

Posting a video on TikTok, Gallagher revealed that it was actually her 18-month-old dog, Dot, who was doing this. In the video, Dot can be seen hiding underneath the covers, being all cute and cuddly.

Gallagher could spend all the time in the world trying to make her bed look all clean and pristine, but that didn’t matter to Dot. As soon as she saw the opportunity, she would make her way to the bed and treat herself to a little nap.

In an interview with Newsweek, Gallagher revealed that she was actually blaming her boyfriend for messing the bed the entire time only to realize that “the Queen was undoing it to tuck herself in.”

dog under bed covers
Source: TikTok

Even though Dot slept in the bed ever since she was rescued in 2022, she decided that it simply wasn’t enough.

This sleepy pup would get in the bed whenever she wanted and would stay there for as long as she preferred.

Thinking this was the most adorable thing ever, Gallagher couldn’t help but share it on her TikTok, showing the whole world the cutest little rebel.


If you hate on dogs in the bed, you can let yourself out x she deserves it x @wicklow_animal_welfare dog funny fyp adoptdontshop dogsoftiktok love cute

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Everybody loved it so much that they made Dot TikTok famous in a matter of days!

“I work from home on a Monday, Thursday, and Friday, so, after she’s come running with me in the morning, she will bring herself back to bed and tuck herself under the covers. She spends as much time as she likes in the bed, and we have accepted the fact that it’s now her bed, too. I can’t get angry at her because it’s just too funny. We are so lucky to have such a humorous dog,” she told Newsweek.

Even though many believe that this is just regular dog behavior, the American Kennel Club (AKC) stated that there were actually a couple of different reasons for it.

For example, some pups do it because they are feeling anxious or even unwell, so hiding themselves in a bed provides them with a feeling of comfort and safety.  

On the other hand, however, it can also be the fact that some dogs love the companionship and warmth that beds tend to provide.

photo of dog lying in bed
Source: TikTok

Luckily, Gallagher doesn’t mind Dot’s little habit one bit – if it makes her sweet pup happy, she is happy as well.

Happy Dog, Happy Owner 

Gallagher stated that adopting Dot was one of the most rewarding feelings ever and she now encourages everyone to do the same if they are able to.

“There is such satisfaction in giving a dog who was neglected the best-possible life, with endless cuddles, lie-ins, walks, and treats galore,” she said.

Knowing that she didn’t have a happy life before, allowing her to sleep whenever she wants is the least she could do for her, and everybody in the video’s comments couldn’t agree more.

“I didn’t think the video would get any attention. It was really just for my own documentation of all our funny memories with Dot, but the response has been hilarious,” said Gallagher.

dog sleeping in bed
Source: TikTok

It really warms my heart when I see doggo parents allow their pups to do things that make them happy.

Gallagher can make her bed as many times as she wants, but I know that seeing Dot’s adorable face underneath those covers is something truly priceless.