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Dog Saved From Euthanasia Lives Her Best Life In Virginia, Exhibiting Her Cute Propeller Hat

Dog Saved From Euthanasia Lives Her Best Life In Virginia, Exhibiting Her Cute Propeller Hat

The rescue of a dog by the name of Bonnie couldn’t be more precise.

Just five minutes before she was scheduled to be put down, Grandma Betty’s Animal Rescue, a rescue from San Diego, took her in and gave her another chance at life.

Her beautiful brown eyes showed anybody who looked at them that this pup was the sweetest girl around!

New Life

Just a couple of days after Bonnie was rescued, a woman named Lili Follett offered to foster her, falling in love with this adorable pittie as soon as she met her.

“She is the sweetest, most loyal dog I’ve ever met. She loves meeting new people and is so trusting. She would follow me around my apartment like a little duckling — never more than a few feet away from me no matter what I was doing! She would also wait for me to wake up every morning and walk over to me to get her morning pets. If I didn’t pet her long enough, she would get even closer to me until I gave her enough love,” said Lili.

Seeing how adorable this pup was, Lili believed that she would quickly find a loving family. Unfortunately, this wasn’t the case.

Because Bonnie was a Pitt Bull, a breed that is mistakenly seen as aggressive, not many wanted her in their home.

Most people were visibly nervous or unsettled when they saw her. Seeing people’s reactions to her made me realize that she would never get adopted without a drastic change.

Determined to see Bonnie as a part of a family that loves and adores her, Lili came up with a plan.

As Cute As A Button

In order to make Bonnie as adorable as her personality and allow people to approach her without prejudice, Lili bought her a doggo propeller hat.   

As soon as the hat was on her head, Bonnie didn’t want to take it off. Lili decided to take her outside and show her off to the world.

People immediately changed their opinions and started seeing Bonnie for what she truly was, an adorable pup.  

When people see Bonnie with the hat, they smile, laugh, and definitely try to interact with her much more. We’ve had cars slow down to yell about how cute she is out of their windows almost every time I take her out for a walk. Parents are more willing to let their kids play with Bonnie. Significantly more people would stop us and ask to pet her, which allowed me to open up a great dialogue about fostering and adopting dogs.

Even though Bonnie is the same pup no matter what she is wearing, the hat does allow people to look past the stereotypes of her breed and start seeing that they, too, are just dogs who want to play and be cuddled.  

dog with hat walking on the grass
Source: TikTok

Forever Home

As Lili gave her all into showing people who Bonnie truly is, even going viral on TikTok with videos starring the adorable pupper, many started getting interested in adopting her.

However, the perfect family reached out to Lili and decided to take Bonnie in, finally providing her with the loving home she deserves.

old dog on a leash
Source: TikTok

Bonnie stayed at the San Diego rescue for a couple of days until she could be transported to her new home in Virginia.

I am sure that Bonnie will settle into her new home as soon as she walks through the door, bringing her family nothing but joy and cuteness.

I also hope that Lili didn’t forget to pack her propeller hat!