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Dog Who Was Left Behind To Be Euthanized Finds The Family Of His Dreams 

Dog Who Was Left Behind To Be Euthanized Finds The Family Of His Dreams 

Logan has always been a great family dog, whether it pertained to his furry family or the forever family that would arrive later. 

He was found as a stray in Texas with a pregnant mate. The puppies were his, and he chose to stay with the female dog while she gave birth. 

Once the puppies were born, a rescue came and took the mom and their six puppies, but they didn’t want Logan, so they left him behind to be euthanized. 

Logan was going to be euthanized right away, but luckily, he was saved at the last moment. 

Saving Logan’s Life

While Logan was in a Texas high-kill shelter waiting to be euthanized, there was one shelter worker who saw really good things in him and somehow managed to push back his euthanasia date twice.  

Fortunately, that was just the time needed to transport Logan to a Colorado-based shelter. Shortly after that, Logan was adopted by a wonderful couple from Colorado. 

“We went to meet him and I remember walking away, like, so we just met our dog. He was skinny, scared, timid, and all those things,” Alison Dickson, Logan’s mom, told GeoBeats Animals. 

For the first couple of days at his new home, Logan was still very sheltered and shy. He was afraid that he was going to do something wrong or break a rule that would get him left behind once again. 

His parents are huge nature lovers, and since they lived in Colorado, they decided to take Logan hiking. That seemed to be a turning point in Logan’s life. 

His confidence started to emerge and Logan finally understood that he had found his forever family who is not going to leave him behind. 

“He is such a great athlete. He knows when my hiking bag comes out and he just gets excited,” Alison said. 

Protector Of The Family

After adopting Logan, the family rescued another mutt called Phoenix, and two cats, Milo and Lucy. 

“Phoenix is the snuggliest little ball of sunshine that has no idea that she’s a rescue at all,” Alison added. 

She was the perfect addition to the whole family. Logan and she were immediately the best of friends, even with the cats. 

While Alison works from home, her husband does not, and he often has to go on business trips. When her husband is not home, Logan takes the role of the protector of the family. 

“He loves him so much. It’s almost like Logan thinks he works for my husband. When my husband is traveling, Logan will be sleeping on the side of the couch that faces the door. He’s going to be a little bit more aware of everything, and a lot more watchful when my husband is not there, ” Alison said. 

Alison says that she often compares Logan to Gandalf, from Lord of the Rings, a true protector with deep feelings. 

Ever since being adopted, Logan has seen so much, sniffed, and explored many new places and things. He is finally one happy dog. 

“From a stray on the streets of Texas, to the EUTHANASIA list in a shelter (💔!!), to the wonderful people and rescue that got him to us…my world is a tremendously better place for having Logan in it,” Alison wrote in an Instagram post