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Dog Left At The Shelter Due To The Severe Skin Issues Finally Showed Her True Colors

Dog Left At The Shelter Due To The Severe Skin Issues Finally Showed Her True Colors

Although we can most often hear stories about heartless owners leaving their pets in shelters for some minor reasons, it is not always exactly like that. 

One might say that the man who left his sick dog in the New York shelter had a cruel heart, but the truth is a bit different. The care for a pet can sometimes be very expensive, especially if it gets sick, and not everyone is in a position to cover all the costs. 

That’s why the decision to leave your beloved pet in a shelter is very difficult, but sometimes it’s the right one. The man mentioned earlier made exactly such a decision and probably saved his dog’s life.

Horrible Condition

dog with skin issues
Source: @nycacc

When a dog named Keyla came to the Manhattan Animal Care Center, located in New York, it was hard to look at her because of her horrible skin condition.  

According to Newsweek, Lois Huang, of the Animal Care Centers of NYC (NYCACC), said that they didn’t know why her skin issues were so severe. However, they knew the reason why she was left in their shelter. 

“Keyla was surrendered to Manhattan ACC last year when her owner could no longer manage her severe skin issues,” it was stated in the shelter’s Facebook post

Huang said that her now-former owner tried to treat Keyla with antibiotics in the hope that her condition would improve, but sadly, that didn’t happen. 

Because of that, “he expressed a wish for her to have a better life with someone who could afford to provide the necessary care.”  

Although this was a very difficult moment in this man’s life, his decision would soon prove to be the right one. 

“Resilient Spirit”

sweet dog with skin problems
Source: @nycacc

According to the previous Facebook post, Keyla’s skin issues were so severe that the shelter itself didn’t have the capacity to provide the necessary care. Fortunately, one good soul noticed this poor pup and decided to help

“Luckily, our longtime volunteer Susan Kuhlman noticed Keyla at Manhattan ACC and brought her to her husband Jay Kuhlman’s vet practice Gramercy Park Animal Hospital,” Huang said.

Since the veterinarians at this animal hospital have extensive experience treating shelter animals with skin problems, the staff knew they did not need to worry about Keyla’s future. They soon proved right, as her condition was indeed getting better every day. 

“Since September of 2023, Keyla has been under their care and her condition has improved tremendously, along with a healthy weight gain,” the shelter wrote in the Facebook post. “She has been spayed and receives regular treatments including antibiotics, anti-yeast medications, and Cytopoint, an antibody used to treat atopic dermatitis in dogs.”

Today, several months after her first hospital treatment, Keyla is a brand-new dog. She has come far on her road to a full recovery, and along the way, she even managed to impress the veterinary staff.

dog with cute shirt
Source: @nycacc

“Despite the discomfort caused by her skin condition, Keyla’s resilient spirit shines through her healing journey,” they stated. 

A truly amazing soul Keyla is. 

Hope Of A New Beginning

cute brown dog
Source: @nycacc

While in the hospital, the shelter staff managed to find a foster home for Keyla. A person who decided to provide her with a temporary home had nothing but words of praise for her. 

“Keyla is a very sweet and gentle little girl with a tail always wagging. When she sees you, it goes even faster. She is playful with other dogs and appears to like cats. Keyla loves all people including kids. Since she is treat motivated, she is easy to train. Oh, by the way, Keyla is a perfect little size, not too big and too small. She will make a wonderful addition to any home.” a foster wrote according to the NYCACC website

When we take all this into account, as well as the praises of the shelter and hospital staff for her, it seems that Keyla is truly a dog that can bring happiness and blessings to any home.

That’s why we believe that this resilient and brave pup would quickly meet her happy ending because after everything she’s been through, she deserved nothing less. 

@nycacc We were astounded by Keyla’s transformation when we visited her at Gramercy Park Animal Hospital! Big thank you to Susan Kuhlman, ACC boardmember Dr. Jay Kuhlman, and the caring staff at Gramercy Park Animal Hospital for helping so many ACC pets like Keyla. If you’re interested in adopting Keyla, visit to search for her name or ID: 176921 #nycacc #boroughbred #accfoster #shelterdogs #adoptabledog #nycdogs #rescuedogs ♬ Lavender Cappuccino – Muspace Lofi