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Abused Dog Kicked Out Of The House Gives Birth To Her Babies In The Heavy Rain

Abused Dog Kicked Out Of The House Gives Birth To Her Babies In The Heavy Rain

The mission of a dog rescuer is everything but easy. 

Throughout their careers, these giant-hearted people face many challenges, and above all, many more heartbreaks!

They find and rescue dogs from the most horrible conditions you could possibly imagine, and isn’t that just a nightmare?

On March 20, 2024, the YouTube channel called Animal Rescue posted one such heartbreaking story about a pregnant doggo mom that hit absolute rock bottom after being cruelly kicked out of her home.

This is what happened!

Momma Dog Found In Terrible Conditions

abused dog lying outside
Source: Animal Rescue

Rescuers got a call about a dog giving birth in the neighborhood, and the story behind it was shocking!

This brave and resilient canine mom was thrown out of her home just moments before giving birth to her litter, which left her unprepared for what was coming.

Abused and beaten up by her (ex) owner, she looked high and low for a shelter, but it was all in vain.

dog and newborn puppies
Source: Animal Rescue

Instead, she gave birth to her babies right outside in the heavy rain and the freezing weather. The momma tried to keep the pups as close as possible to her in order to preserve their body temperature.

Sadly, despite all of her attempts, the weather was so unfriendly to her little family.

When rescuers arrived at the scene, they were absolutely heartbroken by what they saw. Only a few of her pups, who were no more than a day old, showed signs of life… and then there was she – the momma who tried everything to protect her loved ones.

scared dog looking at the leash
Source: Animal Rescue

When they tried to put a leash around her neck, she protested. 

Taught by the previous experience that not every hooman is a friend, the mom dog growled at the rescuers and tried to scare them away with her loud barking. 

But, the only one scared was her. She was so afraid that her pups would be taken away from her that she did everything to stop the rescuers from coming any closer.

Until, finally, she caved…

The Heartbreaking Truth Broke Everyone’s Heart

The most devastating realization came only a few hours later.

puppy lying on a blanket
Source: Animal Rescue

Even though they weren’t quite sure at first, the rescuers confirmed what they feared the most. Sadly, only one puppy out of the whole litter managed to survive. Those harsh conditions were just too cruel for the newborns, and the rest of them didn’t make it.

Momma and her baby were successfully transferred to the local facility, where rescuers continued to take care of them.

Before they could be reunited, they decided to examine both canines for possible health issues. Fortunately, both dogs tested well.

Then came another heart-shattering moment!

photo of dog and a newborn puppy
Source: Animal Rescue

When they finally crossed paths again, the momma immediately rushed to embrace her remaining pup and put it next to herself. 

She gently took it in her mouth and placed it right next to her face, so she could nurse and kiss her baby – this time, in an isolated shelter, far away from the rain.

She still seemed quite nervous and distrustful. 

After all she had been through in the past, this behavior was completely expected. But, the rescuers were inclined to do everything in their power to help the momma come out of her shell and see the other side of humanity.

For now, she’ll be happy to get some good rest and be a good momma to her baby.