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Hungry Dog Keeps Visiting The Same Restaurant In Hopes That Somebody Would Feed Her

Hungry Dog Keeps Visiting The Same Restaurant In Hopes That Somebody Would Feed Her

When I first watched the video we will be talking about today, I just kept wondering how on Earth people could just ignore this hungry dog.

It was clear to everyone that she was there because she was hungry, and a little kindness would mean a lot to her.

But, no… instead, she watched everyone else, and was just ignored. In this story, we will be talking about this sweet dog’s misfortune and what happened next.

July’s Very Hungry

dog in front of the restaurant
Source: The Moho

When July first started appearing at a local restaurant, she was already pregnant and was supposed to give birth very soon.

She desperately needed something to eat and was barely holding on. July hoped that some people would be kind enough to give her something to eat, but it wasn’t like that at first.

July was mostly ignored by all the guests there until one person who was there took pity on her and decided to do something about it.

The man saw her misfortune, grabbed some food, and took her a little bit further away from the restaurant where she could eat.

hungry dog eating
Source: The Moho

She, of course, followed him the whole way, which was just a big sign that she must have been starving.

The kind man fed her and watched as she ate everything he gave her. He theorized that there was a big chance she previously had an owner, but was abandoned.

But, none of that mattered now. She needed to go to a veterinarian soon, as she was supposed to give birth.

At the vet, it was revealed by the ultrasound that she was carrying nine puppies. To help make the birth easier, they did everything they could for her.

July’s Hopeful Recovery

dog feeding five puppies
Source: The Moho

After they were born, July immediately took on her role as a mother and nursed her babies despite the fact that she was really tired by now.

Her rescuers were so proud of her strength and bravery. She was now starting to recover slowly.

The puppies were just so adorable and their mom almost never let them out of her sight.

July was also starting to put on some weight, as she was seriously malnourished before. She started to look a lot healthier now.

Her puppies were growing up wonderfully and the staff at the shelter did their best to help assist the mother with anything she needed.

All of them started forming their own personalities and were starting to become really playful over the weeks.

owner hugging a dog
Source: The Moho

Everything was going absolutely well for them, so it was now time for the family to sign them up for adoption.

After two months went by, they were ready for it. And, just like that, all nine puppies found families pretty quickly and were adopted.

July was so grateful to her rescuers for helping her when she needed it the most and she expresses it all the time.

Although she is not adopted yet, she will continue spending time in the shelter with the people she deeply cares about.